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Popular Instagram influencer found dead

The 26-year-old social media influencer was found on the side of the road in Houston. Her mother believes she was murdered. ABC’s Megan Tevrizian reports.

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  1. My condolences to her mother, family, friends, and followers.

  2. This is another case that should be on " Crime and Investigation " or the " The first 48 " tv crime series to show the world how the investigation was carried out and reveal who the murderer is.

  3. Well she put herself out there.

  4. This can happen when exposing every moment of your life online to weirdos, or maybe the husband.. But that mother didn't seem sad to me at all. I cried for days when my dog passed away. I can't imagine taking an interview with ABC after something like that happens.. kinda suspicious

  5. The influencer couldn't influence someone not to murder her.

  6. Sad sad story but just what kind of occupation is ‘influencer’ ? What kind of person needs influencing ? When I was a kid I had proper ‘teachers’ to inspire me at school and didn’t need a battalion of self aggrandising airheads to tell me what to eat or what to wear.
    Narcissistic self justifying bulls*** for the selfie obsessed age.
    Wake up you sheep following these morons!

  7. Maybe dont put your life on the web?

  8. "her mother believes she was murdered"

    okay, this woman was raped, beaten and killed. Not just murdered.

  9. Condolences to the family and friends

  10. my condolences to her family.

  11. she was found nude… im sorry i dont understand why people trust random people on the internet its disgusting.. I know so many girls that have been raped by meeting random people.. WTF world are we living in?

  12. Most likely her husband killed her

  13. Stop calling nobody's on social media "influencers"
    Load of crap!

  14. The mom is acting super unnatural. Very fucking odd.

  15. Ladies if ur pretty don't marry, men can't handle your attractiveness

  16. wow, do people still kill in times like this?

  17. I was murdered in 2012 in Ghana went to heaven n came back alive” can’t remember a thing while alive thy poured hot boiled oil “ acid “ boiled hot water on me and wrecked my whole body in Ghana” I was beaten and tortured to death “ but can’t remember the REST! Had second chance to come back alive” my own mother was part of the murder “ my dad was murdered as well “ gosh my own family killed Me!!!! But GOD brought me back alive!!! Was murdered because of a girl called Andrea!!! Phew most cruel and evil family ever exist in this world!!!!!!!! thy thought thy will kill and get away with It!!!!!!! Almighty God is REAL” prettyzilla!!!!! !!!

  18. Mom was so matter of fact….ughhhhh

  19. There's more important things going on in the world people. Like stolen elections in America from cheaters

  20. Influencer? Craving for constant attention from the public?

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