Sunday , October 24 2021
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Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach To Aperate 24/7 To Ease Supply Chain Backup

Facing a shipping gridlock across the U.S., President Biden announced that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will operate 24/7 to ease the massive cargo backlog. The ports account for 40 percent of the nation’s container traffic.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach To Aperate 24/7 To Ease Supply Chain Backup


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  1. I feel like I'm being talked down to by the news reporter. Does anyone else feel that way? Oh. yeah. these guys are much smarter than me, so I should just sit back, listen, and breathe easy cause now Let's Go Brandon will make it all better. I'm being sarcastic of course.

  2. Who actually watches this propaganda on live tv, and who actually believes any of the networks. They cannot be trusted. Yes, our ports are backed up. Anyone can see that. However, it's time for Creaky Joe (I did say creaky, not creepy) or whoever is running the U.S., to stop blaming covid and take some responsibility.

  3. Who caught the mistake? 🤣

  4. “Aperate”? Don’t you proofread your work?

  5. Don't you hate politics. Port authorities have been stressing how all port operations are running 24hrs a day January. The White house now has a plan and a taskforce? Why now? what were they waiting for?

  6. Go all autonomous like the top countries in the world and you will have no problems 👌

  7. It's 2021 and they're barely going into 24/7 operation? What a joke.

  8. They have created this mess.! I fish often, these ships have been in the Pacific Ocean in February 2021… this is nothing new. Along with media again reporting 💩 to scare everyone with the lack of products.! Smdh….

  9. "Aperate?" Can't wait for the first cargo apparition. 😃

  10. That's ridiculous. US is not China, and such an anti-market economy & forced labour policy is absolutely unacceptable.

  11. I am an ex Maritime person merchant Marine and thank God that we have a president that is a union person understanding the unions and getting things moving because I have set in the middle of the ocean waiting on a ship to take things off of the ship all the time I would be in the kitchen because I'm a chef but listening to our president he understands what is actually going on and getting things from the holiday into the hands of citizens a good thing so that the economy can stay level but listening to him and after 5 years of not being able to operate properly he is bringing back the shipping industry and that's wonderful God bless our brothers and sisters in the maritime

  12. Maybe they can aperate the spell check next time

    Classic mainstream media. You can't even trust them to spell basic words correctly, let alone report the truth.

  13. why not interview the port truck driver we'll tell you what's one of the MAJOR problems at the port .
    Container Chassis is one of the problems :
    -There are NO chassis at the ports
    -Getting to the port at 5am to be one of the first to get in hoping there are chassis
    -1 to 4 hours waiting for a chassis
    -Long line to get a chassis but there's no control some drivers run around the port looking , asking other drivers if there dropping it even trying to steal one from there shop
    -Sometimes the port will kick you out or not let you in because there are no chassis
    -There are some brands of chassis we can NOT use ( ZIM , TRAC , WCCP and more )
    -Port don't have room for empties coming in so we can not do a double transaction ( empty and load out )
    -pier S is helping out by dropping empties there but it's not enough
    -Renting and Leasing companies don't have chassis to rent out
    -There's no shortage of drivers there's shortage of equipment to take out loads
    Sorry had to take my frustration out it's very stressful

  14. Proofreader quit because of mandate

  15. First of all, China owns several ports in question, has the news media
    told the public that yet? Why not? What are they hiding? There are 200
    plus trucks waiting to pick up there loads…. Who is lying?

  16. Now Freud would be proud of that slip

  17. The White House PR team trying to look good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. This Never Should Have Happened … All the Smart people in Charge couldn't see this happening???
    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!!!

  19. Those poor truckers, now that magic is used to transport goods, they will be jobless.

  20. This isn't news!! It's been the plan all along

  21. Joe Biden and the Democrats doing a fantastic job so far.

  22. Its all bull$hit they have 'always' worked 24/7 on the docks "they are union" workers, Biden lies, lies, lies, lies and the corrupt media just nods their heads.

  23. Wait… Why aren't the ports 24/7 already? 🤔 It's incredible we get things on time ever.

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