Thursday , January 27 2022
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Post Office loss widens to nearly $2 billion

Barron’s Associate Editor Jack Hough on the U.S. Postal Services’ mounting losses.

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  1. Jack Hough (guy in this video) is an idiot. Small Business, online sellers make up a ton of the First Class Shipping. The First Class new Zone Price Increases are actually the reason why sales have dropped, thus, shipping at USPS have dropped. This was the fifth hike, and worse hike for online sellers year after year, and no one wants to pay shipping prices, nonetheless high shipping prices. Find people more knowledgeable and informed on small business economics the next time you do a USPS topic.

  2. Who send mail anymore!!! It's nobody fault, we young white, black, brown golden people don't use it. It's losing money because its services is no longer needed period.

  3. Everyone seems to be complaining about the USPS. I think they do a good service. I've never had any problems using them. They have always delivered my letter's and packages over the years with no issues at all. They should be looked at and their operations updated if needed but to simply say that they cannot make it work is just plain silly.

  4. The Post Office could trim a lot of fat. So many of the workers are sitting around doing nothing. And, in Arizona, they have the thermostat set so low it's like stepping into a refrigerator…even at night when no one is there. They are just wasting our money!

  5. Part of all the losses reported throughout the years were because the government required the USPS to fully fund their pension fund AND then took any profit and put in the general fund so there was no cushion for financial cycles.

  6. Privatize this agency. Continually losing billions.

  7. They deliver more trash than mail. I consider them a menace.

  8. Jack Hough is a Jackoff, Sir, you are clueless about anything in the real world where real people live. So you have rhetoric and jokes? Your name describes you well. What kind of interview was that supposed to be by the way?

  9. Stop giving China free shipping via the USPS. They will either have to pay like everyone else OR they will have to use another delivery service. Right now, the USPS has to deliver packages coming from China to anywhere in the US for FREE. This is an old rule created decades ago to help China when they were poor. We don't need to do this anymore. They are taking advantage of it. Tax payers are footing the bill for China's free US delivery service. Get rid of this rule and see how much of that 2 billion loss you recover.

  10. To mail a letter it should cost one dollar one dollar won't even get a cup of coffee the post office should be able to raise prices this is redickles

  11. Time to fold the tent! Limit delivery to ,Monday Wednesday ,Friday only! No overtime! A private business would never function this way! Government shouldn't either!

  12. Why do they disable comments on all the epstien videos?

  13. Not surprised & in this area they kind of deserve it. Residential & business mail is constantly a month late or disappears completely. Mailmen dont bother to close mailboxes and will cram boxes in them so stuff gets stolen all the time. Visiting the post office is either depressing or angering depending on who or if anyone is working that day. To top it all off, the employees whine that they dont get paid enough or get enough days off.

  14. A billion here, a billion there— whatever— when it's other people's money. It's a socialist model. Everyone gets a fat retirement after trudging around like turtles when there's a line out the door.

  15. You take away all of the pension liabilities, and current pensions, USPS is doing just fine. It's Congress and the President that are afraid to touch the pensions. Bring them to a 401k plan like everyone else, and everything's just fine.

  16. It dose seem that,If still you use the snail mail today for bills of anything you must expect them to arrive in your hands all but to late for prompt return via mailing. Forcing the use of online payment. Is this a slowly development of the loss of your security or privacy due to online hacking. While they are being regulated out of business. Up go's the price to use more and more.

  17. The post office should have made Jeff Bezo pay up. USPS is the main reason Amazon got so rich so quick. Mail carriers had all Amazon Packages delivering them 7days a week , from early mornings to late nights including holidays. This was way before Amazon had their own delivery guys.

  18. This rhetoric is ludicrous. Amazon has nothing to do with it. Not everyone shops on Amazon. In fact, smart shoppers don't always go to Amazon because of their less competitive prices.
    USPS have no one to blame but themselves. Expensive postage, behind the schedule delivery, unfriendly services are all contributing to their down fall. They need drastic changes to clean up their act or else they will go out of business one day.

  19. You people made this government remember? A government of the people, by the people, for the people, remember? So any failure of government is also your failure O people of America. This little experiment is over. Your time has come. Man was not created equal.

  20. They can’t even run a post office let alone try to have universal healthcare

  21. the new package rate in june they made will do them in

  22. Not good. I'm surprised they are losing ground to Fedex and UPS, though. Not for small packages.

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