Tuesday , December 1 2020
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‘Potentially historic’ winter storm brings 2 feet of snow to Rockies

Commuters in Colorado were caught on Interstate 25 and needed help from firefighters as their vehicles skidded on icy pavement.


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  1. Oh my god climate change its going to be 70 and rainy Tuesday in Indiana.
    The world's coming to an end….

  2. Glenda Lomax predicted a very icy winter. Saw it on her u-tube channel 3 weeks ago. Ain't no word a lie!

  3. This winter just started !!! OMG !!!

  4. Is this the Global Warming YOU LIBTARDS have been crying about for so long .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Must have had an influx of communist Democrats to drop the temperature like that.

  6. And we introduce…(drum roll)…The Grand Solar Minimum..(Did we mention a potential magnetic pole shift, too?)


  8. We are blessed here in Michigan are weather is pretty good

  9. See places like this are pretty used to these conditions. Us down south have warmer fall which is good because it extends growing seasons. But an overlooked downside to short winter and an upside to lonng winters is it kills bugs

  10. Winter is definitely coming

  11. Colorado gives zero fucks about global warming

  12. There is your Global warming people!!

  13. So i guess climate change doesnt exist? Go green bill. We need it. Smdh.

  14. and there is none in Alaska yet…damn

  15. Meanwhile I never seen a snow in my life

  16. Potentially Historic oooh so scary.

  17. Looks like GLOBAL WARMING huh

  18. So much for Global warming

  19. Good thing all the climate change talk is BS or we’d really be in trouble…..60 degrees in 24 hours, nothing to see here

  20. It’s not colder, it’s global warming

  21. They say the plants dead in 6 years lol

  22. damn global warming. that must be it.

  23. Wow, snow in the Rockies, imagine that.

  24. How's that global warming treating you?? Fake news assholes like you have our kids believing your global warming bullshit… Yet here we are… Icebergs are expanding and pilot bears are thriving…

  25. Chop ⚒️& stock..Light those fireplaces!🔥

  26. Oh No !!! Did Trump do this ? 🙄

  27. How does the temperature drop fifty degrees overnight? But global warming doesn't exist huh?

  28. Global warming strikes again!

  29. What will we do if global warming gets worse? Think of all those people shoveling all that global warming…

  30. Oh jeez snow in the Rockies the end is here

  31. Climate change made this happen.

  32. I love Denver…lived there 🇺🇸

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