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Powell responds to a reporter about Trump's criticism of the Fed

Fed Reserve Chair Jerome Powell participated in “The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy” panel discussion event hosted by the Swiss Institute of International Studies at the University of Zurich. During the Q and A portion of the discussion, a reporter asked Jerome Powell about the effects of Trump’s critical tweets of the Feds. #FoxBusiness

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  1. That's how the 'elites' pat themselves on their backs.

  2. Government and Fed's purpose is to print money for the rich and powerful (at the expense of workers).

  3. Fed needs to go. Don't need it.

  4. God bless President Trump!

  5. We are a Constitutional Republic!

  6. They are in office for 4 years, 2 more years to go… but Pres Trump knows what he is doing: pushing him out slowly…

  7. Red Hats, BURGERS, STRAWS ? The Trump derangement syndrome is a virulent disease, SEEK HELP!!
    Best president ever, Donald Trump. 💯MAGA 2020 KAG
    Keep up the great work you are doing, SIR

  8. Awesome and don't listen to that Idiot Trump who doesn't even know about category 5 hurricane!

  9. Jerome should show the brand that Trump branded on his back "one-term Fed"

  10. Ripping off every Americans pocket!

  11. The Fed is colluding with Maxine Waters.

  12. Powell probably an anti-Trump flunky–hope Trump sacks him if that is true.

  13. 🤔 Explain to me again how the UNELECTED Fed has so much power over our economy??? Bankers run it!!!!

  14. Federal Reserve, isn’t Federal and has no reserves

  15. Trump is the worst president in US history and is going to bring down our economy and the country as we know it. He does nothing but divide us and cast doubt on everyone but himself, who he constantly praises…for nothing.

  16. Congress from 100+ years ago.

  17. The Fed should be abolished. It is Unconstitutional for a non-government entity to control monetary policy.

  18. He said it's ridiculous to listen to people who don't have a clue of which they speak, like Trump.

  19. An American institute lol

  20. I’d like to know who his bosses are and what countries they’re from.

  21. The fed is not an American institution.

  22. Recent polling confirms most Americans want Trump behind bars

  23. The fed was created for a REASON and they have FAILED SINCE DAY ONE.

  24. We're merely days away from Trump treating Jerome Powell the same way he treated Jeff Sessions.

  25. The Fed is globalist private corporation.

  26. Democrats make me puke tofu rice milk shakes.

  27. Feds are the enemy of the economy,,,END THE FED RESERVE

    It is controlled by the Roughchilds Cabal!

  29. FEDs and IRS useless institutions !!!!! We pay taxes and government still prints endless amounts of money !!! And nobody knows where all that money goes or went ??? We probably paying for IRS to have a job and have fun on private jets 🤬😡

  30. No American Citizen cares about the survival of the Fed
    They are the Planned Parenthood of money supply
    Just set up any entity to accomplish any good
    the Fed may accomplish – America First

  31. When the fed crashes the economy, go after the fed, don't burn your towns like bad protesters.

  32. Democrats pretending to be supportive of civil discourse

  33. Trump said he'd rebuild manufacturing. Now it's in decline. In December 2018, American manufacturing was ending a more than two year tear, cheered along the way by its most prominent patron, President Trump. But this year, manufacturing has turned south and entered what Federal Reserve data show is a technical recession, or six-month slump. It seems unlikely to recover in the near future: A major survey of U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers found a negative outlook, and the other is just a whisker away from going negative for the first time since 2009. Only The Chosen One can fix it.

  34. Unfortunately the rate cuts will further deepen the severity of the next recession

  35. TRUMP AINT RIGHT IN ALL HIS WAYS , bbt democrats are far beneath him…. I’m not voting This year ….. democrats are insa
    Bed l

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