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Prankster leaves old TV sets on porches in Virginia

Authorities say they believe more than one person may be responsible for leaving dozens of TV sets on porches in Virginia.

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  1. You guys don’t understand… these are the HEADS of his people he is leaving on your doorsteps!!

  2. This is a good prank because nobody got hurt and nothing got damaged or destroyed.

  3. Why are people complaining about getting a free TV?

  4. People: this is clever. A good prank where no one gets hurt and actually is doing some good

    Authrorities: *trying very hard to find a way to blame TV man*

  5. Boi don't put tv man on YouTube he doesn't want the old TV

  6. He is gifting them his children

  7. Poor guy’s gonna get shot when all he wanted to do was give out free T.Vs. 😔

  8. It's a hint cause they don't see u and spy on u through analog. Duh it's pretty obvious he isn't crazy and is only trying to warn a mothafucka.

  9. Mr tv: alright have a TV

    Also Mr tv: bye

  10. Old TVs put will become next him.

  11. Muricans are such a psychopaths.

  12. Глупость какая-то…🤡

  13. Это агент Кремля, очевидно.

  14. You cant leave junk on other people's houses

  15. Bring me a sweet ass 1080i widescreen CRT yo… Ultimate gaming screen.

  16. Ngl I drew a person who looked just like this as a little kid

  17. He’s wearing a ROBLOX head

  18. I miss the old tv sets…which provided free tv shows and news. Now you have to pay for tv to get it to work.

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