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What I’m Wearing:
Omega jewellery –
Green & white stripe Amazon dress –
Dior bracelet –
White scalloped dress –

Eres seersucker maxi dress –

Zimmermann Skirt –
Aquazurra mules –
Cartier watch (similar) –
Givenchy tote –
Square neck tank (similar) –

Heatless curler –
Amazon heatless curler –

Wild Nutrition – [USE CODE JOSIE25 FOR 25% OFF – until end of August] Wild Nutrition vegan protein –

Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna –

Aveda treatment foam – [USE CODE JOSIE FOR 20% OFF]

Castaner sandals –
Manebi espadrilles –
Valentino Rockstuds –

Net-A-Porter Haul:
Eres bikini –
Eres swimsuit –
Cult Gaia bikini –
Givenchy tote –
Saint Laurent tote –
Eres seersucker maxi dress –
Eres pom-pom dress –

Origins Ginzing mask –
Origins tinted moisturiser –
Origins serum –
Origins eye cream –
Origins cleanser –

Waterhouse Young Clinic – [USE CODE JOSIE30 FOR 30% OFF]

Tom Crawford-Clarke –

Coconut Coir starter pellets –

Noble Macmillan album –

Heated rollers –

Doughnut Time –

00:00 – Intro
02:47 – GRWM & New Shoes
09:25 – Net-A-Porter Haul
19:20 – Origins Delivery
24:10 – London Trip
37:36 – In The Greenhouse & Gardening
46:15 – Kitchen Garden Dinner
47:11 – London Trip

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  1. Hi my name is Alesia how tall are you please

  2. i wish i had been with you girls, great fun, ha ha

  3. Absolutely brilliant vlog I can just imagine your hen party 🥳 x

  4. Dear Josie, in Greece we wear a lot of the grecian sandals which can be very slippery. I've had a few accidents and once I really hurt myself. What I do is take my sandals to a cobbler who adds a non slippery film/sole to the bottom of my shoes. It works so well!!! Try it sometime.

  5. PPS: It is normally a great idea to keep seeds in the fridge. If you like biannuals it is a great idean to sow NOW and pot on when they are big enough. I sadly don't have a glasshouse so I hope to plant out in September. That way they will hopefully bloom already next Summer 🤞

  6. You can get jaw surgery to realign your jaw. It will completely correct your face do you have a jawline and chin. Highly recommend

  7. Is your wedding this year? Or n t?

  8. Absolutely hilarious on that carriage 🤣 your such good fun Josie, your smile is as beautiful as you, x

  9. Wauww!! The Givenchy tote bag😍😍that’s my perfect summer bag.
    A seed book! What a good idea! I also have a vegetable garden with my best friend.
    Oeff the second option seems pretty risky in a way that you don’t know how it will look in the end..will you be comfortable if there still be some kind of gap or it would not as you expected?
    First option is a good option😊 I also have a overbite but I just ignore it. I also have pretty teeth just like you

  10. Josie Can't Stop Laughing at The End your So Funny.!!!! 😂Love The New Bag. I Could just Eat a Doughnut 🍩🍩, Have a Lovely Week. Xx 😘

  11. I am sure a that lot of your followers will be telling you this but, the sedation that your doctor is talking about is fabulous. You will wake up thinking that they haven’t started yet and the procedure will be over. Nothing to worry about or fear at all! Blessings to you on the decision that you make!🥰🙏🏻🥰

  12. I want to tell you I never gardened and you influence me so much . That I started a beautifull edge on the terrace and it makes me so happy every time I see it , that is every day.
    That kind you forgiving me a super hobby . I wish I could send you a photo. Is all flowers . I took a photo from your edge and took it with me . But mine is very different since they did not have the same plants .
    Love your new white purse !!!!

  13. It is better to extract the wisdom teeth for the space, not the 4th ones…. The reason to think about it is if you extract your 4th ones this might lead to pains in your jaws in future…

  14. Josie if your sliding shoes have ridges in them get your glue gun out and fill the ridges with a little melted glue then let it dry, that should stop them from sliding so much. If they are perfectly flat then add little dots or wiggles of glue all over the bottom and it will do the same xxx

  15. I have that exact visor in my car as it's a convertible and the visor keeps my hair from blowing about and also keeps the sun off of my face.

  16. My sister sucked her thumb until she was 32 – so she’d understand exactly how you feel xxx

  17. Josie I had 4 teeth out as a teen before I had a brace on, it worked a treat. Definitely the Givenchy bag, its absolutely gorgeous. Xx

  18. That chard is so exotic ❣️🥰 adore your alternative transport in London 😹 such fun! Epic music!! Xxxx

  19. The Givenchy bag is so beautiful

  20. You girls are so much fun. 💗

  21. I got inspired by you and i bought gold jewelry with moissanite solitaire ( lab diamond ) : pendant, earrings and ring. I didn't receive them yet but i'm excited.

  22. Actually Josie, I think you have very nice front teeth and maybe they show more BECAUSE you have a slight overbite! Alas it is probably more about how YOU feel and not what other people think 😕

  23. Hey guapa, love the bag, love your vlogs, you inspire me so much I don't think you have any idea of how important you are to us xxx

  24. I’m glad I done Invisalign but I did end up with receding gums and had to get extra work done because of that. just something they might not mention.

  25. Josie, Your smile is already perfect. Do not let the dentist pull any teeth. I have several baby teeth and I just thank god for what I have . Your perfect the way you are.

  26. Josie darling, I think the black lettering on the Rive Gauche bag is what throws us off! The white lettering on the Givenchy is on point 🛍️ Although the black espadrilles will be an easy compliment. Givenchy, Givenchy

  27. You are such a beautiful soul Josie, I am actually your silent follower it's my first time to comment 😊I just want you to know that I followed you for quite a while, and I can't stop watching you, you are timeless, so feminine with loads of elegance. Those are your 3 favorite words, that symbolize you truly.

  28. Angie here. I am a visor wearer as I have pale freckly skin and light-sensitive eyes. Mine is bright fuchsia.

  29. I got 4 teeth pulled in my 40’s when I had braces put on for the extreme overbite and I can tell you it was the BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF! The results were spectacular and well worth the inconvenience. Do it!

  30. Excellent verity of content thanks. What you have done is up to you Josie. I don’t know if this helps but my eldest daughter had a MASSIVE overbite as a 11 year old. She went to the dental department of Guys for years. 4 healthy teeth out. A tooth pulled up on a chain (which was growing horizontally instead of vertically) BUT what a difference as a 16 year old! And even now at 30 she is still happy she had all the work done. Xxxx

  31. I think you are truly lovely..

  32. You are so a beautiful woman and I personally LOVE your smile 🥰 sending good vibes from germany.

  33. "Steady as a rock" Josie 😆 Said the dane 😅🤣😂

  34. The restory or any shoe cobbler can add rubber to the bottom of your Hermes Oran sandals (under both the toe area and the heel area) — it will make them way less slippery and also make them last longer because you wear out the changeable rubber rather than the actual shoe.

  35. Love your smile and the way your teeth positioning makes you talk. There’s something so unique and endearing about you. Weirdly enough, It’s actually one of the reasons I’m drawn to watching your videos. I’m sure a lot of us women have a thing or two about our appearances that we wish would be different, but in most cases, those very imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful in the eyes of others. You are truly beautiful to me and I’m sure, to all of your viewers. ❤️

  36. Had teeth removed when I got my braces (as an adult) and am sorry I did. Just felt it was a wrong decision. A later dentist I had said he did not believe in ever removing healthy teeth. FYI.

  37. Josie~It's common in America to remove the eye teeth and molars. I had it done in the 70's and all my children had it done. It will work out beautifully for you I'm sure. Thank you for your vlogs!

  38. I got mine removed!!! I had a small mouth and I had those two teeth pulled. Made my smile much prettier

  39. Love the Givenchy bag! That ERES cover up is beautiful also. Lovely vlog ❤️

  40. Hello darling Josie,hope you are having a lovely weekend

  41. Josie, that was the funniest Vlog ever!!! I loved you girls having a sing song on the technicolour taxi, hysterical!!! Positive lovely vlog as always XXX

  42. Givenchy for sure…!! This was such a great/fun vlog!! I loved the hall and the cream colored low V dress was gorgeous. I’m thinking if I wear a slip underneath, I could wear it to work. The pearl bathing suit is a keeper. Is it officially Countdown to Josie’s wedding yet?

  43. Josie- I always wondered why, when you first began your "new Teeth journey", your dentist didn't change your bottom teeth/jaw. The edges of your bottom and top teeth should touch. Perhaps he should move your bottom teeth forward more, or even change your jaw so that your jaw would look and be stronger?