Premature babies evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital

After being evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital, 31 premature babies arrived in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip for treatment. Gaza health ministry officials said there were initially 39 babies, but eight had died at Al-Shifa due to a lack of power and medicines.

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  1. Yeah, we know. Israel did a great job of rescuing those kids. Why not report on the hostages or the hamas fighters.

  2. These are very large for premature babies and yet so thin. Speaking as a retired pediatric RN. No basic NG tubes but bottle feeding instead. That takes a lot of calories.

  3. Where are the Mothers? Shouldnt they be as close as they can, to hold and try to breast feed? Are the Mothers dead?

  4. Democracy kills babies. Statue of Liberty is Baal in disguise, she demands infant sacrifices.

  5. Do not blame Corona, earthquakes, or hurricanes, but blame humanity that has disappeared
    Goodness exists, but those on earth do not care about it, as the earth will swallow it again
    People have not learned yet
    And the lessons of pain will haunt him again because he did not care about them

  6. Erm. What about the headless Israeli children? Oh yes , that doesn't pay as well..

  7. Please help these tiny , little ones survive.

  8. You guys in the comments don't even bat an eyelash over NBC's use of journalists and influencers that accompanied terrorists and praised the terror attack as they attacked Israel? Those influences and journalists should be brought up on war crimes as the filmed their acts of terror. Apparently they knew about the attack before it happened and said nothing.

  9. Genocide Joe is supporting this ethnic cleansing.


  11. Israel medias already confirmed that it's idf that killed civilians in Oct 7.looks like us medias won't dare to report about it

  12. Quit trying to use sympathy to dissuade the narrative. War is war I love these little babies but stop getting off the topic everybody's going to have a sad heart looking at these children Stick to the facts Hamas is horrifically annihilating an entire race the Palestinians which aren't really erased they're all Arabs anyway but having said that Hamas has caused them to be forced in this ideology if they don't go along with him off they are killed. In the house shifa hospital they're forced to stay there they can't evacuate Israel has been helping them bringing them fuel and they can't even use it because hamas steals it. People need to get things straight and quit having 10% of the wisdom and 90% ignorance look back at history and see whose land it was in the first place

  13. In the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip from 7
    at least 12,300 Palestinians were killed in October,
    including 5,000 children and 3,330 women, it was also reported that since October 7, 104
    UN staff. It is stated to be the largest
    the number of UN members killed in conflicts in
    to the history of the UN…Is this also supported???

  14. The way the Israeli military handled this entire hospital situation has been wrong from the start. They have the military hardware that can get them to the hospital totally unhindered by any resistance the Hamas people possibly display. Once there, they could have humanely evacuated the hospital to conduct an orderly search. There was no need to cut off supplies and the middle attacks were just plain evil. Firing explosive devises into a crowd where you know there are children, many of whom are already injured, that's the most disgusting abuse of power I can even imagine. They claim they are attempting to "rescue" hostages. If that were true they wouldn't be blowing up the places where the hostages are likely to be held. I wish the U.S. would stop providing their weapons of terror.

  15. Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi:

    " I say this and I am responsible for my words. The IDF spent long days and hours in Al-Shifa Hospital to dig tunnels using the advanced means at its disposal, and then say that they were tunnels for the Qassams and the resistance."

    Why don't you report on this?

  16. How many died before the evacuation? You can't sanitize the horror that is occurring.

  17. News coming out now that IDF service member and Hamas hostage, Noa Marciano, was actually murdered here inside Al-Shifa hospital. Let's see if NBC "News" still has any journalistic integrity left and reports on this. I won't hold my breath.

  18. Imagine a western nation that would wait this long to evac civilians.

  19. Israeli journalist declared that hundreds of thousands palestinians d be killed- tells all about this operation.

  20. You forgot to mention that 8 children died during this! Just keep faking the news until the number of your viewers reaches negative numbers

  21. Hmm…..why are "pro-life" people OK with bombing a hospital full of babies? 🤔

  22. How about reporting how much electricity Hamas gave Gaza before October? I think it was only 4 hours a day. Report on that