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PREMIUM High-End Highstreet Haul // Club Monaco, Ted Baker, French Connection | Fashion Mumblr

A more premium try on haul, from the high-end high street stores including Ted Baker, French Connection & Club Monaco!
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❤ What I Wore ❤

Pink Ruffle Dress –
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Matte Lipstick –

Earrings :
Necklace :
Ring :
Bracelet :


❤ Featured in this Video ❤

French Connection Blue Stripe Dress –
Club Monaco Long White Dress –
Club Monaco Embellished Skirt –
Club Monaco Pom Pom Skirt –
Club Monaco Scallop Skirt –
Club Monaco Off Shoulder Top –
Ted Baker Jacket –
French Connection Shorts –
French Connection Lemon Dress –


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Pink Rug :


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  1. My favourite channel by far.

  2. Absolutely love the white dress 💛💛💛

  3. Dear, i really like your channe and your job is so good, now i have new video on my channel:, welcome to my channel and watch, thanks a lot.

  4. Honey, high end is Dior and Chanel… this middle class…

  5. You are such a fashion icon, I just live your style!!! So feminine, timeless and so so sophisticated!! It really suits you and your personality and your the pieces in this video we're just so pretty as well xxxx

  6. Why. She. Doesn't. Have. Many. Likes…she. Is. Classy. And. Good. Taste

  7. I LOVE your Ted Baker jacket 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏾

  8. How did I miss this!? Loved it… Great style as always Josie! (What fragrance are your JML candles in the background by the way…?) xx

  9. Where is the link for the swim suit

  10. Hi! As general rule, if the skirt is wider, the top should be narrower…xoxo!

  11. Thanks for uploading! Everything looks so beautiful! xoxo!

  12. Your tan is absolutely flawless ♡

  13. Your style is fabulous. I love how your wardrobe is a concise style too, definitely inspires me to streamline my closet – all the best from Atlanta USA

  14. Love your look in this vid Josie! xxx

  15. Lovely versatile clothing pieces😍so many beautiful details that really elevate each look💫💖which outfit is your favorite?

  16. I just had to pause the video and tell you look so amazing! The hair, the makeup, dress…everything is on point 🙂 xx

  17. Anyone after a dupe for the Club Monaco white off shoulder top… I found one very similar (although not cropped length) at Tesco F&F for £10 🙂 x

  18. Can you do a Primark haul?

  19. i have some similar pieces so i look forward to a style lookbook if not i blog post. p.s. i love your femine style.

  20. Absolutely addicted to these videos! Quick question…what camera are you using for this video? The quality and lighting looks amazing 🙂

  21. Same Swin is PeaceLoveShea brand everything is amazing!!!!! ❤

  22. So many lovely pieces! I think that fuller skirt with the sash would look great with a form-fitting top… like a bodysuit or any close fitting top (do consider the color and if it will show through the skirt). I think I remember you having a white cold-shoulder top that is rather form fitting that could be great. Pair it with some ballet flats or low-heeled sling backs and you're ready for a day of shopping in Paris!

  23. Ok, first, yay for 130k! Just spotted that as I was scrolling down the the comments. I am in love with that Ted Baker jacket, so pretty! I'm jealous you can do jackets in the summer. Even at night it's still been really warm here in the desert. Our nighttime lows are still below 100 but not by a lot lol. Ted Baker is my favorite premium high street place to shop. Thankfully we have a small boutique in one of the Scottsdale malls, I go in there all the time to look lol. It looks like the summer sale has started so I'll probably go in and look to see if any of my faves are included. 🙂

  24. the fc dress looks so nice on you. just had a look at it on asos and it's so much shorter on the model. how tall are you? – I don't want it to be too short 😩

  25. Please do a Zara video again your last one was amazing

  26. Loving haul week and I just wanted to say I love how you have something to offer for everyone! I feel like a lot of youtubers are getting swept up in luxury items and just aren't relatable to the every day girl anymore but you're still so down to earth. I really look up to you and hope I can have a wardrobe made up of highstreet and some more high end pieces one day.

  27. Love your makeup,the hairstyle and the items you showed.I don't know if I'd ever spend so much money on these brands,but I admit that they look great and I'll look for more affordable pieces that resemble these ones… 🙂 So I don't regret at all watching this video!!!! XXX

  28. Hi Josie, thank you for another great haul. I think the 2nd white skirt would look lovely with cropped blouses so that the tie round the waist still shows 🙂

  29. I'm really enjoying haul week! You've been picking really amazing pieces! Well done ❤

  30. Hi Josie loving the hauls! The 2nd white skirt would look great with a slim fitting bardot top – 50s riviera chic! xXx

  31. Seriously wish I could shop that much. I'm pretty poor, but I'm grateful for what I have. And you are my fashion icon. ❤️

  32. you could even wear that swimming costume as a bodysuit!

  33. in the new years eve blog were did you get the pink bodysuit from because the link you put there does not work

  34. Thank you, Josie. I ❤️ everything! You look stunning.❤️~ Karen.

  35. Your haul videos are my favourite! Really like your style.

  36. I have a question: where do you store all of your clothes? I saw your wardrobes and it just seems like they were full, or do you sell it on poshmart?

  37. luv luv the haul I plan on adding a item to my collection thanks enjoyed watching

  38. I hate them all, I think this amount of money could have spent on so much more interesting items and not on basic ones.

  39. Hi Josie I love all the Club Monaco pieces! And why don't you do a tutorial for the make up you have in this video? It's amazing.
    Bye from Silvia

  40. that Ted Baker jacket 😍😍😍

  41. Btw do you have a link for the white skirt from London store please ?

  42. Love Ted Baker clothes ! I saw the jacket in store and loved it ! It's so beautiful

  43. I love this price group, great haul x

  44. I got that lipstick today, it's amazing how different it looks on different people, every review I've seen it looks different

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