Friday , January 22 2021
Home / News / Pres. Donald Trump holds a news conference on the relationship with China | USA TODAY

Pres. Donald Trump holds a news conference on the relationship with China | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump holds a news conference on the relationship with China.

RELATED: Protestors take to streets in Minneapolis where George Floyd died

Protesters celebrated as fire scorched a Minneapolis Police building overnight. As the 3rd Precinct building burned early Friday, President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter, calling the city’s mayor “very weak” and saying that “thugs are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.”

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  1. The next presidential elect should be an Asian person look how the world has look down on Asian people due to the pandemic since it started there has been violence against the Asian people everywhere we all need to come together as one with the current president of United States we will never have world peace.

  2. he is the greatest world leader that ever existed ! GOD bless him !

  3. President Trump is our guardian angel

  4. This is too funny and so pathetic. They quickly threw together this "URGENT" presser because he was pissed off at Biden's brilliant speech earlier that day that really stuck it to Trump. Soooo, in true Trump fashion because he let Biden get to him they quickly threw this together, which is why you can see that Trump is reading this report for the first time.

    Well, he always says he wants to remain transparent and he's right because we can see through every lie that spews forth from his gaping hole.

    So glad he'll be gone in January.

  5. oi sohai !!! the more you talk more karma will come to you

  6. Trump is a deep,wide ,anus ,pussy boasting around with his butt cracked carrot face nose.

  7. Protects American workers by sending them into disease pits to get sick. No one needs pork that bad. (edit) And a lot of that pork is for China!

  8. One minute he roasts China, the next he sucks up to their president.

  9. Thank TRUMP for all these DEATHS and INFECTIONS. USA is seeing a second wave of the virus because TRUMP FAILS to heed medical expert warnings about reopening too fast. TRUMP is the reason death and tragedies WILL CONTINUE to befall all American States. This is what happens when you elect a NARCISSIST! His priorities are ALL WRONG!

  10. Nobody has defrauded the US more than the Trump Crime Family

  11. Great move President Trump! If the world leaders will not move today, this giant will keep devouring, swallowing little by little. The dragon must die!

  12. Trump is totally having everything under control!USA will be great again with his lying so hard and you Americans should be grateful to China for being there for him to divert the conflict to, cause I don't think anyone else in the world is powerful enough to comply with these fake accusations that he and his team can come up with! Donald Trump vividly proved to the world that a country can be run by lying, lying and more of the lying, when the Chinese people are stubbornly put the promises into practice and win their better lives with diligence and hard work. China ripped US off? You think you can get your daily necessities at cheap prices just because God loves you?Well, if you believe you can enjoy the quality life at low costs and keep your high income jobs at the same time, I think you should move to heaven where you can be close to God and see what he says about that! You and your advocates are not making the USA great again for sure, but you are successfully making the world a total mess! You are like a sinking ship that wants to drag all the life boats around down with you!

  13. Wow, an american president that finally stands up to the criminal regime of CCP. So refreshing to see.
    At least Trump is doing something.

  14. I am Japanese President Trump in the United States is a wonderful person There are many Japanese who support Trump in the next election as well, which is a big difference from Shinzo Abe in Japan

  15. correct absolutely mr.president thank you so much, to protect all country specially asia and water territory.

  16. After 40 years of sounding the alarm on our utterly foolish and incredibly dangerous relationship with China I feel vindicated at long last. However, I disagree entirely with his equally foolish and dangerous unqualified support of Zionist Israel. One day I expect that I will be vindicated on it as well.

  17. Your criminal leader is an agent of evil and you are being tricked. It's too late. The wrath of God is upon you. America will stop terrorizing the world. The turning point has been reached.

  18. I hate to admit it, but I agree with Trump on China.

  19. Only coward and shameless blame everything to others but himself

  20. Why do American presidents always get a war to reelect themselves? So … send your youth to death … no the Brazilian sons … you'll end up getting a Third World War for we all to cope with!

  21. China is a big dog but it’s time to lock and shake that puppy. Bring your companies and factories back to USA.

  22. A quick question for Pelosi and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Should the Chinese government and National People's Congress issue a statement to support the protests by African-Americans and the grassroots of US society? It seems to be what Beijing should do according to the logic of Washington cheering for the rioters in Hong Kong.

  23. It’s so funny that the Orange parasite blames China and everyone else for everything. What a sad sack of shit. The Divided States of America. The most racist and poorest country in the world. Led by a racist sexist communist lover dictator. Anyone see the irony?

  24. He really sounds like jfk when I was listening for awhile. Sounds crazy I know kinda spooked me out

  25. China killed Mr. George Floyd? Or the 4 cops report to China? Or China bombed mid-east? Or China spied on German prime minister? Or China sold opium drugs to other countries?

  26. So this is a press conference….it's more like a dictator monologe

  27. We Chinese all love Trump!

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