Home / News / President Biden Calls Repeated Gun Related Tragedies ‘A National Embarrassment’ | NBC Nightly News

President Biden Calls Repeated Gun Related Tragedies ‘A National Embarrassment’ | NBC Nightly News

President Biden has already called for lowering flags three times in his first 100 days in office. The president has authorized executive actions related to gun sales, but is still urging Congress to change laws on background checks and assault weapons.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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President Biden Calls Repeated Gun Related Tragedies ‘A National Embarrassment’ | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Don't preach to me about gun control while you constantly broadcast nonstop violence, shootouts, & death all over tv, news, video, and film. Take your lunacy out broadcasting and film, not on constitutional rights observing Americans. Stop the networks biased and traitorous influence and you'll see a much bigger difference.

  2. Why do i have to write an argumentative essay about this for my school, and i live in Kurdistan/Iraq💀


  4. Republicans got what they wanted

  5. Migrant and Covid19 SURGE AT the Border

  6. Poopy 💩 Pants 👖 Biden is a National Embarrassment

  7. Biden is a complete failure

  8. Biden, you're a National Embarrassment.

  9. Not easy being President. We need a younger President.

  10. Mr potato head Biden is an embarrassment to the human race,,good news is he's gonna krap the bed soon and hopefully it's televised,,

  11. We have got worse things to be embarrassed about. Quit deflecting away from the real pressing issues facing the working class, you POS.

  12. I'm sheikh Hamdan the Crown prince of Dubai, chairman of Dubai executive council Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance.. but preferred to be called fazza.here is my WhatsApp number if you still want to know more about me….+16406660431 or hangout princefazzahamdan70@gmail.com

  13. BIDEN talking about his policies (national embarrassment)

  14. i don't understand what the flags do…. save the flags for a national tragedy.

  15. MSM and YouTube doesn’t have to cover for a legitimate president, js

  16. All of the things we're seeing are understandable if you realize that "America isn't the best country on planet Earth." America is the most third-world-like of all of the industrialized nations. We're more like Iran than we are Switzerland or Japan.

  17. The useless Democrat cheating party hypocrite

  18. The fbi should enforce the laws we already have we don't need new ones!!

  19. Four hundred million guns out there..Two hundred thousand illegal minors does not help.. You can say they are wonderful, innocent kids. Sre they all going to be little angels. You tell me with no parents, and desperate for money. Then police cant do a thing.. I AM GETTING A GUN

  20. i'm not sure whose worse …obiden ,,or ha ha harris ..

  21. Unlike children being sexually abused at the border detention centers.
    Unlike the mother of all super-spreader events – illegal aliens packed on buses and spread across the country.

    "When I get us to a Socialist Utopia, no one will do anything bad. I mean, it's a Utopia for gosh sakes.
    So we won't need police anymore. Or the military. That's just unnecessary spending. We can dump the 2nd Amendment, too."
    – President Joe "you ain't Chamberlain" Biden

  22. Sounds like Joe is about to ditch his armed security detail.

  23. "2020 saw more gun deaths in the US than any year in over two decades…"

  24. What nerve, "mass shootings a national embarrassment" What about how this government is handling this pandemic. What about Black American men and women being gunned down by law enforcement? What about systemic racism you choose to ignore? What about human rights violations you fail to address? Yes, these mass shootings are unexceptable. The US can't possibly be embarrassed after 450+ years of enslavement of Black American ancestor's, modern day institutional racism, economic disparity, etc.

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  26. Actually, the only national embarrassment here is the clown, of the supposedly elected "national dimwit"

  27. Set the example Joe and refuse armed protection.

  28. Guess the country: 147 mass shootings in 106 days! Racism, Asian bashing, School shootings, Invasions, Riots, Stupidity, Lies & QANON.

  29. the gun is not evil its the one holding the gun who is evil the gun is an inanimate object who has to be used it doesnt do it on its own if we had a better protection system why would you need a gun but we dont and there our alot of crazy people out there who dont or even should have one

  30. People are evil not guns

  31. It's ok if they have guns but not you. How do you think they fought the BRITISH????


  33. "You WILL believe guns are evil"
    -MK Ultra

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