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President Biden delivers remarks on Memorial Day | USA TODAY

Memorial Day, celebrated the last Monday of the month of May, commemorates the lives of military personnel who have died while in service. Biden, whose son, Beau, was an Iraq War combat veteran and died after battling brain cancer in 2015, referenced loss in his address.

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  1. Every time I see this man. Makes me think of his meeting with Cardi B sl@#*
    As if that was productive for the black community.
    SMH 🙁

  2. Biden wishes everyone a Merry Christmas this Memorial Day!

  3. You said Right to Life,that's a lie,America aborts more babies then the rest of the world combined,You claim to be Catholic,Your so full of sh**!

  4. Remember what you said WeThe People are the Goverment,that's how you think,any 7 year old girls that look 19 to you out there,Putin is going to eat your lunch,your a disgrace!

  5. When does Germany apologize for the genocide of the GDR citizens?

    The Nazi doctor Rudolf Lemke (1906-1957, member of the NSDAP, active during the Nazi era at the hereditary health court, from 1931 at the psychiatric and mental hospital of the University of Jena) was born on December 1, 1949, just three months after the founding of the GDR, appointed professor with a chair at the University of Jena. He worked as a senior physician and adjunct professor in the psychiatry and mental hospital of the medical faculty. He was appointed director of the clinic on January 25, 1950. Jena was one of the centers of National Socialist "racial hygiene". He represented Himmler's thesis on the "final solution to the homosexual question": hormone therapy for the conversion of homosexual men. A complaint from the General Prosecutor's Office in 1948 for combating homosexuality and making anti-Semitic statements was not prosecuted. Instead, he made a career in the GDR. The book describes in detail how homosexual baiting was used as a means of politics (e.g. M. Fechner, E. Stapel) on behalf of all the people named and unnamed in the book. "The Cold War offered the perpetrator society ideal conditions for a top-secret science on behalf of the secret services. In the struggle for world domination, moral scruples are disturbing." Sexual policy in the GDR included a new form of the intermediate level theory of extermination due to which doctors (see above) received the national prize for research. The DGSS classified this research: It is playing quite openly with the possibility of an endocrinological euthanasia of homosexuality.

    Genocide definition: “A coordinated plan of various actions aimed at destroying the essential foundations of the life of a population group with the aim of destroying the group. […] Genocide has two phases: a first in which the typical characteristics and ways of life of the oppressed group are destroyed, and a second in which the characteristics and way of life of the oppressive population group are imposed on the oppressed. This enforcement, in turn, can be done by allowing the oppressed population group to remain, or it can even be enforced on the area alone by eliminating the population and colonizing this area by the oppressing population group. " – Raphael Lemkin (1944)

  6. Save us the time & tell us what dementia Joe’s progressive masters typed in the teleprompter🤮👎🏽

  7. @51:28 "This unionists put aside their sexual interests"… I never learned that in my US history classes, maybe in sex ed.

  8. what is the point honouring ? fake US gov. they stole it from mr trump.

  9. Watch the very last 20 seconds of this clip again. Biden doesn't pray. He won't even fake it like his lackeys around him.. Do you think Americans feel like sacrificing their lives for a godless regime that couldn't give a crap about them and tweet "enjoy your long weekend" instead of honoring our service men that gave their lives fighting their wars? I guess Biden and Harris forgot that it wasn't the green haired, rivet faced, limp wristed non binaries that gave their lives for this country.

  10. Aaaand ratioed🤣🤣🤣☝

  11. WOW! Cheating Joe is up and out on a holiday. 🤣The idiot in the White House Cheated! The world knows this! But we caught him 🤣we are now proving it…then we’re going to do something about it!

  12. What a total dishonor to our fallen to have this bumbling idiot destroy every sacrifice made by our fallen soldiers.

  13. Such an embarrassment, your son died from Cancer not in battle. Slurring your words, you have torn apart our country in a few months. Have a great long weekend Joe and Kamala. 😡

  14. Respected Biden sir and Full U.S armed Forces🇺🇸💂 now right time has come to take soon strong military action along with QUAD ️ on Virus Launcher Devil 🇨🇳💂️China P.L.A . And we Indian will stand with u till our last Breath . Jai hind 🇮🇳🙏..

  15. What a pathetic joke. This dementia ridden fool supports the Chicom military not Americans.

  16. Trump is the true president of America.

  17. Fallen soldiers who died fighting commies. Fbiden

  18. Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime
    pResident Boe Jiden

  19. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US.. AS FOR THE REST OF YOU…STFU and enjoy your day off

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