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President Biden departs, storm in New York, wedding bliss: World in Photos, June 9

A look at the top photos from around the globe.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Excess phytoplankton responsible for sea snot? Huh.

  2. God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy!
    Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!
    Job Openings are around 9.3 Millions. Thanks for saving the country!
    Finally a leader who stands against China and Putin!

  3. Wanna know how deaf and dumb mainstream media are? ABC is running a special about a baby that half British 😂😂😂 like we care about Megan’s baby.

  4. Clueless biden💩🚽👎🖕

  5. Harris Failed on her trip now Biden’s next the world knows they cheated the Election!!!

  6. Burger King Paper Crowned Biden will not be able to be reached if there are any questions about Hunter Biden calling his Lawyer a N_G__R. https://youtu.be/LHHJDXV_KPA

  7. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  8. Why don't you tell your VP to get to work and stop passing out cookies of her face to people on Air Force 2.

  9. Is abc a real news network or is it another trump owned talking head

  10. I’m so excited! This is that sexy beast My Rockstar Boyfriend AirForceOne (Gods gift to 🇺🇸)first foreign trip with a new President( I feel this way with all new Presidents regardless of Party) I cannot wait to see him land🥰.

  11. God speed president B 😌😌 this country is back on the right track 🌊 🇺🇸

  12. Democratic Leadership means no more Embarrassing Trump.

  13. I'm so happy agenda driven psychotics found a puppet to represent their stupidity, oh and that "we" elected said person.

  14. Biden can’t even visit the border but he can visit Europe?

  15. Trump must have sent the cicadas!!!

  16. Haha Biden is checking his pulse


  18. I call it my letter writing to the editor and even though people might not like what I say there is no government in this world that can change it in its meanings. I'm a ditch digger, writer, moving along in the Trail of tears in a belief system that truth can set you free. This comes out of the death of a man called Jesus I discovered in myself along the Appalachian Trail. I know it works, truth really does know itself I have seen it time after time in the things I talk about. Maybe nobody can see it today, maybe not even tomorrow, maybe not next month or next year but it will show up. I knew insurrection was going to happen the day Donald Trump was elected president. I also know they are trolls in the world coming out of fake religions. It's going to be a rocky road yet to come. Argue with me if you want but demons do live in this world and there's not much anybody can do about it. Rapture is warranted, you do not bully the Virgin Mary to kill herself using the word of God "I am what I am". This is what the world is doing when it teaches children how to bully their classmates into committing suicide. It is mother nature's house we live in and she also knows where innocence comes from. A couple of years ago I came down with the flu and could hardly breathe. Breathing is something I will never take for granted again. When life is all around you and you cannot breathe to stay alive is one of the worst ways there is for a person to leave this world was all I was thinking about. Life in its intelligence is deep and having a soul is the only way to explain it. Trolls are living today choosing not to have purpose in existence. Their music is "I love the way you hate me". In what they are doing today they will never be proven wrong. It is so sad for the world to watch them win in logic to their spirit. The Jerry Springer show is over… It is the time for the world to get real.

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