Thursday , August 11 2022

President Biden Signs Landmark Gun Legislation Into Law : 'Lives Will Be Saved'

Following a House vote of 234-193, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law, the most sweeping legislation designed to prevent gun violence in nearly 30 years. Biden said, “while the bill does not include everything I want, it does include actions I’ve long called for that are going to save lives.” » Subscribe to NBC News:
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President Biden Signs Landmark Gun Legislation Into Law : ‘Lives Will Be Saved’


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  1. This is like watching YouTubers, I don’t want an introduction and side stories take up 90% of the video. I want to see the content.


  3. Thanks for taking away our constitutional right. It’s monumental only by how reckless you are with the peoples rights. When this is proven not to help. Will you take the unconstitutional law off the book?

  4. Still illegal. Also clearly impeachable. The senile dude up there swore an oath to protect the C, including the 2A.

  5. Worst president ever🤡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻puppet

  6. Get real, Biden has dementia!

  7. Trial by media again. And as usual no actual do process via court.

  8. Yayyyy To The President of the United States of America. You deserve a raise🤭

  9. Governor Abbotts idea but he gets the credit

  10. Biden takes credit for Governor Abbotts idea to do better background checks on young people

  11. Reporters-ask him the detail on what he is signing. He doesnt know. Do your job.

  12. Biden useless crook.

  13. Biden is like a drunken crackhead that was handed the keys to a Bentley and now the car looks like it’s been in a head on collision with a transfer truck carrying a nuclear bomb!

  14. Signs “gun violence law” but want’s abortion to be legal. As a voter, this makes no sense.

  15. Funny he says I'm not going to sign this into law then signs it. 🤔

  16. “Lives will be saved” now let’s concentrate on killing the babies

  17. painful and devastating for babies???

  18. The world is burning down. I guess I should be happy this bill is so watered down.
    I suppose this strongly worded "response" is it.

  19. So many Americans are paying for your war on the Russian Slavic race and on mother Russia you The merchant of death who profits and gives prophet to the military industry the gun industry has property billions and billions of dollars you hypocrites murderer of humanity and in the humanity you are killing and killing and keep killing the women and children of the Russian Slavic race of mother Russia

  20. Can we also get mandatory background checks on all private sales?

  21. you scribbling your name in your fancy coloring book won't make any difference in gun violence. You can't even keep drugs out of our schools or the prisons. You think you can keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Not a chance!!! Joe, you and you worthless administration need to just go and get lost somewhere in Ukraine

  22. ☝🏻 UN-ELECTED POS! 💩

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  24. This bill which is now law are not going stop violence nor mass shooting and it wasn't meant to cause such an effect. we are being led by those who are in league with Satan .I mean, look at that which they invite us to and all of it a direct violation of the laws of the Most High.

  25. Unbelievable people are prioritizing gas and jobs over schoolchildren. You people are sickening.

  26. Get back on bike Biden and go play on the freeway!

  27. Let's hope that it is enforced.

  28. When government infringes on my unalienable rights I must ignore it….

  29. When the people said "do something" they didn't mean do as little as possible. Throw them a bone. Thuglicans as usual are in charge. Its sickening. There is no compromise here. It's all THEIR WAY. What a letdown and disgrace. And the American people are not stupid.

  30. This law has no teeth. Can't buy a gun ? No problem. They're all over the streets ! It simply is not enough. The THUGLICANS win again. Even when we have a majority we don't. Its pathetic. President Biden is NOT at fault. Republicans are…I will vote accordingly. Also because of Roe. Democrats must have FULL power in order to codify Roe into law. It's time to fight back !! Way beyond time

  31. Why does the wife of the president has to be there? What is exactly her business and role in all this?!
    Also why the kiss? Do we really need to watch the president kissing his wife.. What a joke Mickey mouse government and system…
    Oh and the supreme court decision is not “terrible” it is actually surprising shockingly moral and virtuous which is unexpected in the system of vice and perversion