Thursday , September 16 2021
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President Biden: This has become a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'

President Joe Biden announces vaccination requirements for federal workers and urges more Americans to get vaccinated.

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  1. The problem with Kamala is that she is a misandrists. She hates men

  2. The jockey successful people are fuckin jerks. That’s what you are Biden. That’s why your a jerk. You’re an elitist

  3. lies. this on the same day they announce pfizer only lasts 6 months. probably doesn’t work that well to begin with. get it anyway, despite not working and having side effects, we’ll take your job otherwise. these people have lost the point of it all. Or is the point just to sell us these shots? or is this to be used as a tool to fracture the population? if this was actually some real desperate fight, therapeutics wouldn’t be denied, real treatment not withheld. frankly, despite the phony numbers, it doesn’t seem that bad snd certainly not worth all this.

  4. We need a new government

  5. That why I always saw those reptile eyes on you. You’re a fuckin demon

  6. You’re not a real human being. You’re a demon

  7. it's a pandemic of nutritional ignorance

  8. Shut up Joe do something about the border now…. What a joke!!!!! Selling our country out another liberal of course is doing it.. why are you liberals always on the wrong side of everything??? Thing that hurts the United States it's so bizarre

  9. I'll give him a $100 to go away.

  10. I like how at the very beginning of this clip, you see Biden doing what he does best.

  11. Piss off a liberal, DON'T get the COVID vaccine!

  12. Are government is Shady you can’t blame people for not trusting the vaccine

  13. Yes, a pandemic of all the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated people (188,000 in June alone) that he's letting in at the southern border – and busing them to towns and cities all across the country! Nice going Mr. President!

  14. What’s funny and weird is the events in the last two years. Possible election fraud and a global pandemic during an election year. And then all the effects of this pandemic. It almost seems like these events were planned out to take down America

  15. Wonder if his butt has been wiped? Maybe he will tell us…..AGAIN

  16. President Biden is a divisive personality while he may be a great person but As a President much in the same way president Obama administration proceeded
    Pretentious and alienating to those who look for a compassionate leader .

  17. Covid is not the only virus or bacteria that can be spread by humans. Why not test everyone for all viruses? What a nincompoop.

  18. Lol what a idiot 80 million votes lol

  19. Referencing the thumbnail pic Joe has a baby mullet going on, business in the front, party in the back.

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