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President Biden’s 100th day in office

The president laid out his $1.8 trillion plan for investments in health care, education, police reform and the environment at last night’s address to Congress.

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  2. The only reason people are polling as "optimistic" is because the media has stopped the pre-election COVID-19 doom and gloom. The coverage completely changed overnight once Biden was elected. Went from don't trust the rushed vaccine to its unpatriotic not to get the vaccine. Wow

  3. 100 days illegitimately in office. 🤡🥴

  4. Boooo, Biden is the devil. He’s going to kill us all

  5. I miss President Donald J. Trump💔
    He was robbed, NO we the american people were robbed and given a actual racst stooge and a opportunistic C-word

  6. BIDEN IS THE WORST. Get that Resident into a nursing home NOW!!!

  7. We know msm is fake and controlled.

  8. There should be an arrest warrant out on biden's old lady for Elder Abuse.

  9. Worse installed president ever. More illegals please.

  10. I seen this band at Chucky Cheeses, had no idea they ran the country.

  11. 100 days in, still hasn't done a damn thing

  12. ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ မွာ ေကြၽန္ပ္ေတာ္မသိ
    ဘယ္သူမဆို stopေနာက္ဆံု.မမွန္းမကံေသြးရင့္သိမွာပါလုပရဲးရင့္လုပ္😷UN.USA.JP.thai. ျပည္ပမိးဒီးယာဘယ္မိးဒီးယာမာဆို႔

  13. He's bringing war to American soil just watch

  14. Bidens done a great job countless lives were saved now he needs to keep doing exactly what he has been every pkg is in American people best intrest strengthens Americans middle class that's 85%of all of us. I am 100% ready for top 2% to pay their fair share of taxes and completely fund Bidens infrastructure bill.

  15. Biden’s joint assembly speech looked like an adult daycare ad with Kruella Harris And Nurse Ratched waiting to pounce.

  16. This whole thing is a huge nightmare!!! Everyday l wake up theyr still there!!

  17. Enough with media lies!!
    1.5 Milion ppl already joined Sky news Australia for a balanced approach
    Boycott this 💩 liberal agenda pushing media 🤗
    And I'm a Democrat living in collapsing/corrupt blue state

  18. 100dy of lie'rs 🤫, Àmerican dream vote mail registration Fraud 🤥. Remember on May 18, 2021 to keep voting mail fraud in the state of Pennsylvania that's the new Bull💩💩💩. DemoRat kkk undercover Biden leftovers 🤮 is the reason Àmerica future is ending ❓

  19. And we're 10T in debt, this peice of 💩 claims to have been around for 120 years 😭

  20. The imposter in chief…100 days of fraud!

  21. So many cry babies in the comments 🤣🤣

  22. Biden is now showing the world and India now how to run a country like a champ and a real president not the pretend one we suffered under in the most catastrophic ways never seen before in are Lifetimes and made are country the national embarrassment and Failure of the planet until Biden came along and brought America back from the brink of extinction and got more stuff done in 100 days than Trump did in his whole presidentcy and now can help others do the same with using safety guidelines first no matter what and making sure they don't come into America until fully vaccinated and virus free because that's how you stop the catastrophic spread from other countries just like after 911 there was guidelines for safety now we add covid-19 to that list thank God

  23. If you are president Biden and The opposing side has to create lies about your polices then you know your doing great job otherwise they would use facts other than made up internet lies from last year that there repeating all over again trying to get a pop!!!

  24. Biden is making America safe again compared to the last catastrophic mess that was in office and made this mess from the beginning and lied about it and lied on Audio Tapes caught by Bob Woodward saying he was always going to play down the virus and his Trump administration did everything in there power to spread bogus conspiracies and lie to there people about the severity and how deadly and contagious it really was in order to avoid panic which was bullshit because it was all about Trump's incescurities and wounded ego he cared more about himself and his reputation more than the health and survival of his own people so he Downplayed it everytime and said stupid and deadly speeches like slow the testing down please when we reached a quarter of Million Dead in America and continued to do the wrong thing and be the worst role model in history and caused the a new American Genocide of are people

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