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President Donald Trump addresses the coronavirus outbreak (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump and CDC officials hold a press conference on Covid-19.

A federal health official warned Tuesday that the deadly coronavirus could cause “severe” disruptions in the USA as global experts struggled to fend off the outbreak and avoid a pandemic.

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  1. So you cut the sound when the President of the United States of America is speaking because you Cowards are too afraid of what He's saying???

  2. dont worry, you have the greatest president, you have beautiful amazing democracy and freedom, and you can lie about anything to make them pretty, even when u are killing others you still have your bible in hands, so nothing to worry about, it's just a virus, all is well….

  3. Trump, go to China and stay awhile

  4. Nobody is wearing a face mask in this Covid-19 conference, and they said USA is ready to contain coronavirus.

  5. Why is it so rare to see videos of the president responding to the virus.

  6. I think i came at the wrong time 666 likes 🕰🙏

  7. I want my President to Pardon Julian Assange NOW !

  8. Imagine if Wall St. just started today. Guy 1 "Need low prices to get in. Can we add FUD using 37K/year die in car accidents". Guy 2 "No, no, nobody cares, totally expected". Guy 1 "How about that 40k-69k die per year of the flu". Guy 2 "No because they have this fake cure called the flu shot, so won't scare anyone". Guy 1 "How about this new Corona Virus, 15 people in the US have it?". Guy 2 "How many have died". Guy 1 "Nobody in the US, but it's misunderstood, so we can spread fear throughout the land". Guy 2 "Perfect, let's go with that"


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  10. I thought Bill Gates would be in charge!!no mention about the repo market? Inverted yield curve?

  11. The super suggestion spoken by the president✨ ………””{{{ let’s join forces republicans and Democrats. }}}}and defeat this virus and then get back into the political arena … STANDING O 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏MR President 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏good job

  12. Funny as shit all the Democrats i know are all about population control as long as its a defenseless baby they can chop into pieces , now who is crying that the shoe is on the other foot ? ! To bad for you ! ahhahaahaha

  13. Trump is asking for 2.5 billion to go towards stopping the Coronavirus. But once he gets it, it will be diverted towards his wall

  14. Donald Duck! Ich muss erst mal die Matraze testen! ennt den ganzen Tag! Fliegt von jeder Arbeit hat aber Daisy! Gustav fand Ich schon immer scheisse! Aber Dagobert wird Donald beerben!

  15. عدالت طلبی نوع دوستی ظلم ستیزی روحیه رافت و رحمت انسانی

  16. Man, I love this president and everything he does for United States of America!! TRUMP 2020!!

  17. The communist Government of China are burning bodies. Some in body bags still breathing. Mother’s ripped from their children, and beat. These communist are evil, and we communist like Bernie Sanders in our Government . Evil People

  18. America needs to take measurement to ban travel internationally somehow , at least for 14 – 30 days , just like banning traveling from or to China , this is the only way to prevent further spreading of the virus . And domestically , focusing on identify , quarantine and treating ppl with or without the suspected symptoms, meanwhile , start from tracing down ppl who had travel history to Korean , Japan ,Italy , Spain, and Iran in the most recent 14 or 20 days . The virus is everywhere now in Europe , japan and Korean , very dangerous . Do not wait to become the next Japan or Italy . America needs to be proactive to protect its citizens with any costs. However, I doubt the economic is willing to take such big hit .

  19. Someone should make sure Denzel Washington has a Bible and a machete.

  20. 👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  21. When the regular flu kills, it is people who have preexisiting condtions and the eldery. If someone is on their death bed and they catch the flu, the cause of the is reported as flu. Context with these regular flu death tolls are important.

  22. “Paging PAGING” dr: PePe Long

  23. The double agent sino american did well ! you know now how end COMMERCIAL WAR between US and China without destroying the image of Trump for the next election but with the same results as TRUMP COMMERCIAL WAR !

  24. Trump:No one knows more about viruses than I do

  25. Don't worry , the guy who said nuke the hurricane, rake the forest and water bomb the cathedral is on top of the situation…

  26. President Trump's news conference about the coronavirus was all B.S. Didn't address the origin of the virus (BSL-4 Lab in China and sold to China from a BSL-3 Lab from a University in N.C.). Didn't address that the virus is a manmade biological warfare weapon. Didn't address sealing the southern border. Didn't address the fact that the virus test kits are unreliable. Etc., etc., etc.,…………………………………

  27. I think that’s a load of bullshit!! And I bet the cdc was right when they said it’s coming to the USA for sure but the government didn’t like them warning people yesterday so they put on this shit show to say everything is ok and no worries here !

  28. Looks like the audio is muted when he lies

  29. I am so proud of this President and his administration. So disappointed that so much of our media prefers drama and strife.

  30. Did the president talk about the crashing bond yield curves, the continues drop in manufacturing data, or the National Debt? No instead he asked for 2 billion more of money the country does not have and said 8 billion the democrats want, sure we will take that. This is how they distribute wealth, that money will be given away to enrich people. Corruption at it's finest, just like the corrupt in the justice department and the rest of our government, hate to say it but Trump appears to have no concern about fiscal spending in this country.

  31. Donald Trump you have failed this country in my green arrow voice

  32. All those news people are at risk.

  33. Call me a Grammar Nazi but did the Whitehouse gal say 'has spoke' around the 12:40 point when she should have said 'has spoken?' It seems in this day and age it's OK to be dumb. As long as she's hot in that sweater and her pussy is open to grabbing, she's Team Trump all the way. Sad.

  34. Alex Azaris an American attorney, politician, pharmaceutical lobbyist, and former drug company executive who serves Trump, and is a blood sucking attorney covering for his overlords! THIS IS A CULLING. I don't believe anything the government wants me to believe. When it gets bad they will hide in bunkers, and leave the rest to their fate.Trump has a bunker at Marilargo "That’s nuclear bomb proof!" He also revealed that in the event of a nuclear apocalypse, he would be heading on down to the Mar–a–Lago shelter, built by the US government in the 1940s to store bombs. https://www.golfpunkhq.com/news/article/the-bunker-on-trumps-maralago-course

  35. Save the world then a single country will be saved.

  36. Yeah ! ImPOTUS wants more guns and hasn’t got a clue how to manage coronavirus !
    Dear Impeached Leader just found out that flus kill !?
    You guys are in deep $hite.

  37. Yea put Pence in charge of a viral outbreak response because the only person on his staff with medical experience (BenCarson) is better off in charge of housing.

  38. Part of the video loses sound

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