Saturday , November 28 2020
Home / News / President Donald Trump Announces ‘Phase One’ Of China Trade Deal | NBC Nightly News

President Donald Trump Announces ‘Phase One’ Of China Trade Deal | NBC Nightly News

The first phase would involve the U.S. suspending a tariff hike on $250 billion dollars in Chinese imports — set to go into effect Tuesday — and in return, China will dramatically raise its purchases from U.S. farmers, and will now buy between $40-50 billion dollars in U.S. farm products.
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President Donald Trump Announces ‘Phase One’ Of China Trade Deal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Thats bad math morty… two for $10 or one for $15 just seems weird. We have to buy at least one and the still get a discount.

  2. This is when a salesman oversells when the sale isn't complete. Trump needs a win badly even if he has to make one up.

  3. He got China to buy a fraction of what they were buying before the tariffs. Woohoo.

  4. At least my portfolio is doing better than the last e months

  5. Only Trump’s rubes will believe this is any kind of victory. Trump just gave up. We are at record trade deficits worse than Obama ever had. Trump has jacked up our trade deficit with China by $70,000,000,000/year. Are we winning yet? $30-40,000,000,000 of farm exports are barely going to make a dent in the growth of the deficit much less reduce it.

  6. . There's no point in a trade deal with China, when China has been hijacking international shipping lanes, by building island bases in international waters and claiming its their own territory. That effects global economies.
    Furthermore, where is the restitution for the stolen economic futures from all of their intellectual property theft.
    China still hasn't apologized for their cyberattack on Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin; when they stole designs for the F-35 and our most recent aircraft carrier. They've done the same across the EU as well and have targeted more than just NATO nations. They even backstab their own allies.

  7. Like him or hate him… this president has at least done something to try and improve our very bad economic trade with China. A cynical person will always exaggerate or emphasize the negatives on any situation even if the positives outweighs it. It's either everything or nothing for these type of people. Even if they get everything they will still find something to be cynical about. They will use the "being realistic" label to defend their cynicism. Life is about wise compromises. For the most part everybody wants what they think is the best for themselves. China wants what it thinks is best for China not necessarily what's best for the USA and I don't blame them for that. What's best for the US is up to the US to fight for or to negotiate for. Our trade with China has been very beneficial to China far more than it has been for the US; especially for the long term. It is not currently a balanced trade (not even close). This is one of the main reason China is now the #2 economy on the planet. China was not even in the top 10 just 30 years ago. What the US is fighting or negotiating for is far from just economic trade. This is for who will lead the world. The richest country usually will lead… let that sink in. I am an immigrant to the US from a third world country. Leaving in the US for the last 30 years has been wonderful so far and I am grateful. Not perfect, but then again nothing is.

  8. I'll believe it when i see it. This isn't the 1st time Trump has announced a break through

  9. Woohoo! Go Mr. President. One step at a time. Now if we all vote dems out. This country will be awesome.

  10. Who didn’t expect Trump to go belly up when it got tough?

  11. Roaring Economy

    Unemployment lowest in 50 years (3.6%)

    American Embassy move to Jerusalem

    Criminal border jumping being addressed

    Hundreds of deep state regulations illuminated

    Unfair trade practices being corrected

    Troops coming home / Promises kept

    Trump 2020🇺🇸

  12. Sooooo much inovation in China… Yet it all comes crumbling down without "essential US technology".
    You're not the leader of 5G if you're dependant on US for crucial parts to build your networks.
    What this has done is exposed the FRAGILE state of China's economy and how much it relies on the US to grow.

  13. It's a hoax. If we can't make a trade deal, let's make the country think we did. Let's break it up into phases and get nothing done until the 2020 election. The people will believe there is progress when there really isn't and the markets will sore. Smart plan!!

  14. Hindsight is better than foresight.

  15. How convenient. A supposed deal to make a deal during the worst week in Trump’s Kleptocracy 🤔

  16. We should use whatever means we have to call China on the carpet for their egregious crimes against their own people – Muslims, Buddhists, and Christians – as well as their forced labor camps and how they are destroying the world with their polutants so as to make another dollar or two…

  17. Can we trade California for Hong Kong

  18. I am looking forward to Trump announcing his resignation. ✍.

  19. 1 day or 1 week can change everything.. give it time trump will muck it up.

  20. "Love fest" ? Are you kiddin' me?

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