Wednesday , July 28 2021
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President Donald Trump Claims First Lady Has ‘Gotten To Know’ Kim Jong Un | NBC News

During a press conference with French President Macron, President Trump claimed that first lady Melania Trump has “gotten to know” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
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President Donald Trump Claims First Lady Has ‘Gotten To Know’ Kim Jong Un | NBC News


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  1. Wow, our first lady is amazing! ❤❤

  2. Ye, she sure has….. 👀👀

  3. When he says she got to know Kim Jong un real well, how well does he mean?

  4. So many words to say absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

  5. Trump is A good CCP member.

  6. I think you mean, First lady has "gotten to BLOW" Kim Jong un 😏😏😏😏😏😏

  7. We don't negotiate with terrorists.

  8. These MAGA NPCs coming to dislike the video. How can they spin this story lol

  9. Borad from Khazakstan sort of got to know Pamela Anderson enough to think he could marry her. If only she got to know him too.

  10. I've seen Kim Il Un on t.v. and here on youtube. I feel like I know him. I also saw Dennis Rodman hanging out with him. Everyone who watches t.v. or youtube feel like they know someone.

  11. Melanie can't see any further than her wardrobe, she's a bimbow, he only marries gold diggers instead of a real woman.

  12. I couldn't believe the leader of free world was proud of knowing the dictator, Kim Jong Un.

  13. stop being so mean to president tramp. he just got his wife and his daughter wife mixed up. wasnt it ivanka who was in korea?

  14. 00:13 Melania Trump looks like she is giving Donald the stink eye😠

  15. This is what a 2nd grade education gets y'all..🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  16. So proud of all the hard work you're doing president Trump! We are winning all over the place, and America is doing great! And only doing better everyday with you as our president!

  17. Try looking what he has done for the country.

  18. I've noticed Melania breathes faster and at times holds her breath when trump lies

  19. BEST PRESIDENT EVER!❤💖😍💗💋🎀🌹💟♦🇺🇸💯❗

  20. we all know what that means…😳


  22. Translation: "North Korea has great potential for Trump properties where I can really cash in, especially their beachfronts"

  23. So friggen what, nothing wrong with making friends and peace with other world leaders. You rather they make enemies with them and cause a feud

  24. Those good ol' flotus bjs what a great woman 😐😂😂

  25. Looks like shes been "getting to know" Justin Trudeau too 🤣

  26. Its a stupid man that intentionally hurts himself to spite others… Ya I am talking to you communist liberals…Keep wishing for Trump to be impeached. Keep hating all the great things he does for you. Keep hoping he won't make YOUR country great again. It's just amazing to me. Do you hit your own hand with a hammer as well? I bet you would if you thought it would hurt Trump…. Idiots!!!

  27. How low of an implication from a supposed reputable news source! Sad Sickening and Scary🤔

  28. The Alt Left in the comment section…..

  29. I'll bet that she knows justin Trudeau more than he thinks she does! That body language dont lie!

  30. He lies again and again and ..

  31. The WH has to be a nightmare with Trump in there. He runs on lies and unicorns…no rainbows.

  32. Tired of being lied to by the media !

  33. Ahhh Trump is pimping his wife out….I see…

  34. You liberals cling to everything he says

  35. Hahahahha your news network is a joke and gonna fail 100%
    I love watching you fail keep it up

  36. …….and most of the secret service. …..And macron. Lmao

  37. WTF? Who cares? Kim is a killer and a nuclear threat. What is it with Trump’s love of Kim and Putin?

  38. And NBC claims to have gotten to know how to report news……….fake news

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