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President Donald Trump: 'Hate has no place' | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump says hate has no place after mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.
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U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the mass shootings at the Walmart in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio. He said hate has no place and also discussed mental illness.

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  1. HEY, people – You know what ELSE has no place in our country? The ongoing crime against humanity called ABORTION, which seems to be the only method by which people are murdered that the Democrats are just fine with. MURDER by any other name is still MURDER, so, untill the Democrats stop supporting it, and start speaking out against it, they can spare us all of their sanctimonious, self – righteous bullshit about Trump being "hateful", "not doing anything about people being murdered", etc. No amount of perceived "hateful rhetoric" is going to make someone go out and commit murder if they're not already inclined to do so, any more than going to church and listening to the priest speak every Sunday is going to make someone go out and do good if they're not already inclined to do so. It's all about personal choice. Trump can't do anything to prevent some nut from going out and killing people if that's what he's intent on doing. He has no idea who they are, where they are, or what they're thinking. Democrats, however, could take action to abolish the practice of abortion today, and thus save more lives in the future than have been taken in shootings, by FAR, but they haven't, and they wont. So, who is worse, the one who has no control over people being murdered, or those who do, but apparently don't give a damn? Who truly deserves to be called "hateful"? Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites. Prove me "wrong".

  2. get it to god and Jesus and you lost you're mind friend Read and thick about what you said


  4. It is obvious that the El Paso shooter was one of Trumps own. They sure have a hard time owning up to what their followers look like.

  5. What is up with his tie? He never wears ties that have a pattern or strips.

  6. Can't marry you 😢😭😭
    My Family is Totally Against it
    GiRL : WhO aRe ThEy To StOp yOu
    Me : My WiFe 😂😂😂😂😂lol

  7. "hate has no place in this country" 😂😂 Rightio. That took a lot of force, didn't it, chump. Where's all your white supremacy gangbangers trump. The idiots that was celebrating that fact that a racist is now sitting in the white house giving the okay for uneducated lunatics to freely do what they want. This guy has the nerve to talk about hate, yet he has hate written all over his big as orange head 😂😂 this is America!

  8. a crazy man pulled the trigger but the killer is the President

  9. This sob is lying to the nation after so many are mourning. He is in the NRA pocket so what do you think they are all going to say. It is a disgrace to look on what the USA have has their president. Its a crying shame. I watch these lunatic come on TV trying their hardest to support the gun violence. Remember Timothy McVeigh the say, he blow up a building, Japan is a country without violence but they have people there do this through explosives. HELLO! REALY!!! Canada has so many mentally ill and Canada is not having mass shooting fourteen hours apart.

  10. "Hate has no place in our country" says the guy who himself is the prime instigator of hate in the United States.

  11. You took white supremacy groups off the White House terrorist watchlist. And no it's not mental illness, they took your orders to the letter to kill "immigrants." You laughed when someone yelled "shoot them" at your kkk rallies and made a joke that "you can only do that in the panhandle." #arrestthetrumpterrorists #TrumpisaTerrorist #whitesupremacy is an ideology, a horrible grotesque ideology, but not a mental illness.

  12. I think the poor chap is a bit touched in the head. Can't understand how he got to be President. It's as if Forrest Gump became a brain surgeon becuse the only other candidate for the job was Don Quixote…

  13. "A lot of things are being done" ….fkkn scary

  14. Too late Plantation Donny the fellow Congressional Republican slithering racist cesspool dwelling sewer rats are jumping the sinking Republican USS Trump slavery ship.

  15. Within a couple days at his next rally he will totally abandon this proclamation. Or actually, tonight on twitter rather. . .

  16. Normal people can't admit that normal people are sick in the Head – sooo they blame it on the mentally challenged – that's cowardly


  18. The U.S. built it's empire on weapons, war and racism. This bafoon can't take credit for something that was already in place no matter how harsh the blame.

  19. Creepy commenters on here. Just creepy. Blaming like this is juvenile and futile. The President has already been lamed for a shooting on the other side of the world, if that’s the best you all can do, then I pity you. You will not be happy in 2020.

  20. Guess it's not terrorism when they're white men. Guess they don't have to go back to Europe, either. Are we building a wall to keep our white terrorists in? They are NOT American. How dare you display sympathy for a terrorist.

  21. The common denominator of these killings is psychiatric drugs. Every single mass shooter has been on psych drugs prior to committing the act. It is well known that certain psychiatric drugs cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and obsessions. It states it on the boxes. We have had guns for over 200 years but not mass killings until the recent over a prescription of these drugs. A quick first step would be to stop doctors from prescribing psych drugs to people that own guns.

  22. Trump 2020 is on & in full effect and all you liberals here crying can’t do shit about it

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