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President Donald Trump holds press conference at G-7 meeting | USA TODAY

President Trump meets with French President Emmanuel Macron.
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BIARRITZ, France – President Donald Trump said Monday that Chinese officials called to restart talks amid an escalating trade war that sent markets spinning last week.

Speaking to reporters at the G-7 meeting of world leaders taking place in France, Trump said that U.S. officials had received two calls from China. The president declined to say whether he had spoken directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“We’ve got two calls, very very good calls, very productive calls,” Trump told reporters. “They mean business.”

Trump made the remarks hours before markets opened in the U.S. Those markets plunged Friday after China raised retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion in American made products. Later Friday, Trump responded by raising tariffs on $550 billion in goods.
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  1. "I really believe that Boris 'Yeltsin' will be a very great Prime Minister…" WTF?

  2. Trump says "It cost me 3-5 billion to be President". There is no proof Trump is worth anywhere near that much money, only his word… and his word is shit. He is using the Presidency to enhance the profits of his business's, only one of the many reasons he doesn't want the world to see his tax returns.

  3. ummm it was irans money they returned to Iran

  4. First Lady knows kim jun un. lol I really believe this hahahaha

  5. Questions asked like they were sane subjects.
    Lies told like were answers.
    The calm and collected president vanishes from view and resumes pandemonium.

  6. 13:30 press says “no”.

    Such fake news!

  7. I tell you… Those Trump's and Macron's hand shakes are the best. I was here just to see that alone. What was this summit about?

  8. Who damn cares!! That jackass!! Go bury your damn.

  9. Much needed boost for Macron from Trump. Macron;s popularity plunged to 25%. Macron – central bank puppet.

  10. Trump talks like a fool.he understands nothing.you supporters are the same.your ignorance is definitely American..fools

  11. Hey guys how do I sign up to talk shit and disrespect Trump? I certainly would love to get paid like yall for bashing him, I know yall get paid good to talk trash. Trump KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Macrone is a crooks like to kiss butt who ever got the most power he is not honest guy he is garbage especially he invite Iran but nobody know!! He just trying to kiss, but…He never honest to America!!

  13. US President Donald Trump's support for Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will complicate matters in Egypt and increase the suffering of the Egyptian people because Egypt has more than 100 million people who are unwilling to see Sisi in power.
    There are large numbers of detainees in Egyptian prisons without any investigation and also the difficulties faced by the families of detainees made Egypt a big prison
    Sisi also violated the constitution by extending the presidential term until 2034, thus paving the way for his sons to inherit power.
    The continuation of Sisi in power will open the field for fierce wars in Egypt and the Middle East and this will affect your interests in the Middle East
    We are about to see the Middle East as a great arena for violence and chaos, and the world must take responsibility

  14. As the Count of Monte Cristo once said: "life is a storm my young friend. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm come." Trump looked into that storm and shouted, do your worst, for I will do mine. And the relics, sycophants, career politicians and lying media had a cold chilled run up their spines, because great change came about! Change they cannot and will not stop.

  15. Trump killing at the G 7. Only one leader here. The rest are dedicated followers of old fashion.

  16. The World is headed for the tipping point. Greedy humanity wants more and more , and ignores the climate warnings. A 16 year old schoolgirl , crossing the Atlantic in a Yacht , should be World Leader instead of Donald Trump. He is the planet's worst nightmare. The 63 million idiots who voted for him are to blame. If they get their way next year the Earth is finished.

  17. So Obama is to blame for Crimea being snatched up by Putin?

  18. France need to kick this moron out and bring in that lady le pen

  19. Trump didn't bring out the hate in these sleaze liberals. He exposed it.

  20. 50:22 – Psychobabble reaches its climax around here. Only Stormy knows about Donald's…and maybe Melania, though Donald somehow musters up more at 1:10:08 before he exits stage right.

  21. HOORAY for Macron and Trump!!!!🇺🇸❤🇮🇹😄👍

  22. 7:47 -Macron masters allusion and steamrolls Trump throughout: "Some players don't pay taxes – it's unfair competition with other players… it is NOT fair" – glancing directly at Trump who looks stoic – like a kid getting caught stealing the candy from the store, except in his case he's stealing FROM YOU, schnook, you know, the STUPID AMERICAN (like me) BY NOT PAYING HIS TAXES and using loopholes (and other holes)…TRUMP IS A CASH-POOR WELFARE QUEEN. Gaslighting Pervy Conman – you KNOW that if you're from NYC.

  23. I watched some of this live and Trump talks in circles, you have no frigging clue what he's saying. No wonder the real G6 avoided him 90% of the time.

  24. Trump 2020!!!!!! true Hispanic here.

  25. Did trump use a bad word ? 54:56 the F word ?

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