Wednesday , December 2 2020
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President Donald Trump: Joe Biden ‘Understood How To Kiss Barack Obama’s Ass’ | NBC News

At a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, President Trump attacked Vice President Joe Biden as well as Hunter Biden.
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President Donald Trump: Joe Biden ‘Understood How To Kiss Barack Obama’s Ass’ | NBC News


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  1. He is so brave to say that!!! Love the truth <3 He is the only one who has the courage to say the truth! <3

  2. It is really sad for our commander in chief speaks like that!

  3. NBC was expecting that most viewers would react by clutching their pearls, about to faint, when Trump actually spoke the truth about Joe Biden. Judging from most of the comments, they're not getting their hoped-for reaction.





  5. This was grossly inappropriate.

  6. This diatribe that attacked the Biden's is so vile and savage and shows the true mean nature of this man's heart and motives. He is not talking about making American again but using this rally to aggrandize himself in the eyes of his adoring fans who mirror his mean and arrogant heart. He is tearing other people apart, giving misinformation and stroking his frail ego. He is the ultimate high chair tyrant who will do and say anything to get what he wants, rants and raves and attacks on others in a crude and crash fashion, potty mouth, but nothing about his invisible plan to make American great again. Nothing on health care, bettering education, rebuilding Americans infrastructure or addressing the growing gun violence and public incivility that he himself has created through his bigotry and reckless words in public inciting public bigotry and racial profiling and hatred. He says nothing about how is or will build America as he further tears it down by his slander, and bully name calling of his opponents and detractors as he has frequently done. This was it for me, the breaking point. If this is the new great American that Trumps is creating, then the American I knew and loved and that so many fought and sacrificed for, died for, is dying or already dead. This man is not a leader, he is a megalomaniac, which is a mental disorder and destroying American and its core values. Anyone who describes himself in these terms, 
    "in my great and unattached wisdom," is a person inflated with his own delusions of superiority and greatness. In installing him the electoral college failed and needs to be dismantled, let the people vote, not a bunch of bureaucrats who put a man like this in the highest seat of power in our Nation. If this man is elected again, God help us!

  7. Whoever agree with this insane man is insane aswell

  8. Will our President ever start using some of his great and unmatched wisdom??

  9. All this pathetic moron does is have a really every day. Does he ever NOT lie about anything? Look at the poor idiots behind him that pay thousands just to sit there.

  10. One thing about him he say whatever out his mouth 😂 then act delusional 😂😂😂💀

  11. Hey Libs and Dems, better practice up on your crying game 2.0 because your next humiliation is just around the corner

  12. Yes, this is totally not gonna work for Trump, just ask Hillary.

  13. The Dems think they are gonna waltz into 2020 and take out Trump… they have no idea How Nasty HONEST Trump can get when they attack him personally it’s gonna be WWE SMACKDOWN!!!

  14. I like him but don’t like him being this hateful

  15. Roasts nbc but gets aired on nbc..

  16. Have to admit it that it's 100% accurate.

  17. Joe's going to get Corn Pop involved in this.

  18. Sad what politics has stooped to.

  19. haha of course you cut away as the crowd goes wild

  20. This is presidential and America has fallen fallen fallen. Pits!


  22. I don't really know what that des have to do with politics. To govern a country is something else than to trash someone's personal life in public.

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