Sunday , November 29 2020
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President Donald Trump On Biden’s Call For Impeachment: ‘His Campaign Is Sinking’ | NBC News

President Trump responded to Former Vice President Joe Biden calling for his impeachment. Biden said Trump “indicted himself” by asking foreign powers to investigate his family. Trump responded by criticizing Biden’s campaign saying that “he is sinking and his campaign’s sinking.”
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President Donald Trump On Biden’s Call For Impeachment: ‘His Campaign Is Sinking’ | NBC News


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  1. Biden is tainted by the Ukraine affair. So, Pocahontas will rise in the polls 😃

  2. It’s not oh beautiful America anymore.Oh ugly America how distain you are around the world because President Putin and vice President Donald Trump are destroy America‘s value and Moscow Mitch McConnell do nothing Republican Senate.

  3. Its fun to laugh at Creepy Joe.

  4. Joe Biden is a liar and so corrupt

  5. You will be going down like a boulder to.


  6. Mango Mussolini feels bad for Biden? SURE!!!😂

  7. The two guys in the back are holding back their laughs as President Cheeto dust makes a bigger fool of himself

  8. It's more like, you feel bad for yourself for what's happening to you. 😂😂😂

  9. Trump is a total loser who won't even give real interviews anymore because he's too stupid to answer even simple questions. Talk about a "sinker"! I could puke just looking and listening to him! What a crumb.

  10. President Kennedy put a man on the moon.
    Obama/Biden put a man in the lady's room.

  11. Impeachment is the best option to keep the Whitehouse in Republican hands. Dems have Pocahontas, and Trump is a liability. Dump Trump and Republicans have a chance to win the 2020 election. The guy is nuts, and we all know it. It's not Trump being Trump, it's one flew over to cuckoo's nest.

  12. Oh my goodness, adults, let’s work to educate our children and prevent this from happening again.

  13. If Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow had a baby, would the baby be sane or would the insanity be doubled down?

  14. Thumbs up if you're voting Trump 2020. Greatest president in history.

  15. Jajajajajajajajajajjajajajjaj the time is near you going down like a coward jajajajajajajaja justice's about to be served sooooonnnn…..

  16. Donald trump is America's Hero. No more hiding Trump ppl , speak out, stand up! Thank trump for our jobs back! Thank you for giving us a chance to buy homes and cars again. Thank you for helping American become the best again! Thank you #walkaway family! Don't be afraid

  17. So, why do laws apply to Biden but not to Trump? Trump ignores and stonewalls every valid investigation into anything Trump does, but we’re supposed to investigate Biden and then care what comes from that investigation? We’ve gotten used to people getting away with way worse at this point.

  18. Watch Joe's speech. Watch him shove every one of these lies down Trump's throat!

  19. Great job , Mr. Trump. " Joe be Joe " , Ol' Nancy and all the Democrats out to get you ; they don't know what they are up against with the Donald. On to a great ' 20 win !

  20. Here's a man on tape saying exactly what he's gonna do in terms of corruption. Didn't you do the exact same thing when you openly admitted to the investigation Trumpy?

  21. Dude on the left looks like he wants to cry.

  22. Watch Biden's speech Trump fans. It's a lesson in logic and truth and you all need to hear it.

  23. I hope backstabbing america fairs for you too… your supporters NEED you. You should start the shamble…

  24. Silly Demorats .Trump 2020 5 more years and demorat tears .

  25. come on folks, I am not a fan of Trump but I should give credit where credit is due, he is right. The tape of Biden was loud and clear, you have to be blind and deaf to not admit that what Trump is saying is true, keep your Trump’s hate at bay and be rational……

  26. I love the looks on the faces of the guys behind him

  27. I guess trump is getting the chair

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