Wednesday , November 25 2020
Home / News / President Donald Trump On Rudy Giuliani's Arrested Associates: ‘I Don’t Know Them’ | NBC News

President Donald Trump On Rudy Giuliani's Arrested Associates: ‘I Don’t Know Them’ | NBC News

President Trump denies knowing two foreign-born associates of Rudy Giuliani who gave money to a political action committee supporting Trump. The men were arrested on criminal charges tied to an alleged effort to influence U.S. politics with illegal campaign contributions.
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President Donald Trump On Rudy Giuliani’s Arrested Associates: ‘I Don’t Know Them’ | NBC News


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  1. Poor Rudy is under there forever.

  2. Trump loses hundreds million money in office and democrats want impeach him; Clinton, Obama got several hundreds million money in office but democrats call them great !

  3. "However, Messrs. Parnas and Fruman had dinner with Mr. Trump at the White House in early May 2018, shortly before they donated to the pro-Trump super PAC, according to since-deleted Facebook posts captured in a report published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a nonprofit U.S.-based media organization. " From the Wall Street Journal.
    So…..I don't know these gentlemen is an outright lie!!!

  4. What to expect can make it

  5. “You have to ask Rudy, I don’t know.” Bye-bye Rudy! Lmfao

  6. What is this Associate #10 of Trumps thats been arrested…lost count cuz there too many😂😅

  7. He barely knew Micheal Cohen too.

  8. I've never seen anyone blatantly lie as much as this man.

  9. i dont know whether i wear a red tie…i might have but i just dont know

  10. Lie like an old Dog😆😆😆

  11. SMH 😂😂😂 YOU SURE DO KNOW THEM !!! Rudy told you about them at that meeting where the pic was taken !! DUHHHH

  12. So how come they boasted about having dinner with Trump at Mar a Lago and had their pictures taken with him?

  13. Paul Manafort? He worked on the campaign for about a week. Cohen? I wouldn't call him my lawyer, he did some consulting for me. (Watch out for that bus, fellas)

  14. Rudy Guiliani? Never heard of him.


  16. Soon he will be saying "I only met Rudy Giuliani a couple times", Trump is a lowlife pos. And before anyone says anything Clinton is too.

  17. Were is the circus clown Rudy? he always has so much to say

  18. "You have to ask Giuliani". I remember #45 saying "You have to ask Michael Cohen"

  19. How can investigators be arrested digging into Demonicrats crimes ? They must have a lot to hide.

  20. Im still voting for POTUS D TRUMP the same vote that killary choked on and the same one the will be cast next year.
    Doesnt change a god da@# thing .


  22. Trump will be part of what makes America great again, but not in the way he believes he will. This man-child believes he is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful. A GOD amongst the people, effectively. He genuinely believes this. This narcissistic viewpoint is never going to help the american people. The only way he will have a hand in making America great again is by stirring the stark realisation that he is a CANCER amongst the American government, slandering and bending the constitution as and when he sees fit in the same way he denies knowledge of facts and people when he sees fit. If you aren't useful to him, you are nothing to him. He is the face of corruption in the USA, and he sits in the Oval Office. If the founding fathers could see where the US presidency has gone, they'd be turning in their graves. This man is NOT presidential material. He is a dangerous parasite that needs to be ousted as quickly as humanly possible.

  23. Yeah, and he didn't know Julian Assange either.

  24. Couldn't get him with non existent collusion, can't get him with non existent Ukraine, next make up something else…. Eventually something completely made up will stick…

  25. I wish he had a picture with me

  26. It's like …..ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST…. the Republican's are a bunch of crazies running around in circles trying to catch up with their lies.

  27. This is the thing that gets me if u support that dude for policy reasons ok but when he comes out with cleaaar and blatant lies like this his supporters act as if all reality doesn’t exist their are numerous pictures with them together two videos ,and to say u absolutely don’t know one another at all whatsoever.Two guys that are very close to Rudy is just Friggen laughable come on people be smarter to a conman then this I mean for Christ sakes momma didn’t raise no dam fool or did she look in the mirror.We alllll remember Trump in the Eightys he was Mr .scandal…

  28. I think ur son could introduce u he has Pics with them at Lunch, Don

  29. httpsyoutu.berwOr0Jvsiog  Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston I'll Never Love Again I Will Always Love You ft Mariah Carey  1080p klara

  30. It's true, he has a picture with everybody. He even has a picture with me when I was 3 months old. He has a picture with everybody in the comment section, you just don't remember.

  31. Trump is good for Mexico….

  32. Everytime trump says i dont know . Its usually a blatant lie!

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