Tuesday , August 3 2021
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President Donald Trump Optimistic On Expanding Background Checks | NBC Nightly News

President Trump said today, “we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don’t get guns.” He also insisted the NRA chief Wayne LaPierre and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were ready to work with him. A spokesperson for McConnell tells NBC News he “has not endorsed any specific gun legislation.”
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President Donald Trump Optimistic On Expanding Background Checks | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Stop selling guns because the mental suspect might be the next one to buy guns AGAIN!

  2. Who's the gun grabber now Conservatives? "Take the guns, no due process". But dem pinko Libruls are takin muh gun rights and muh God, BAHAHAHA.

  3. Right. This time he's serious. This will also just go away. Nobody's 'onboard'

  4. ??? "Button-down here" I'm not interested, instead I can show you my button =], up there. This channel has no respect for the people. I regret that I did watch this.

  5. Kids shot in Chicago daily. Shooters signing up for background checks: ZERO.
    Guns selling like hotcakes on the streets: Quadrillion, billion, Sixtillion to the Infinite power, times 666.

  6. The current Abe administration in Japan is messed up! America, save the poor Japanese quickly! Please

  7. Passing a background check law for guns is like just like the must 21 in order 2 buy alcohol law. People can still get there hands on what they really want. COACH!™

  8. OBAMA and BUSH also tried the same thing for background checks. All Americans are must be vigil.

  9. NRA owns trump. Nothing will change. He will never go up against them. Poor donnie, he is in over his head.

  10. Colossal ego. Typical trump BS. Too little, too late. Have a nice vacation, donnie. They only happen forty-nine weeks out of the year.

  11. People in Kentucky have to be the dumbest people in the U.S. for voting that weasel in

  12. Trump, get the fcking war weapons off the streets and out of society. Do something decent while you are in!

  13. Yeah take guns and start that civil war America… You people that want the 2nd Amendment taken do you really think that's gonna be easy you think people are gonna just give back there guns without a vicious fight😂😂😂…. Especially these white nationalists groups and notorious street gangs or even up standing non criminals who have guns to protect themselves and families… Yeah GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!….

  14. "Joe Biden not playing w a full deck"

    TRUMP 1

  15. VOTE , people !!!! Dont let another coldhearted , money/ratings worshipping, hate mongering bafoon in office again.

  16. Ever think that bad feeling "trump" gives you is your mind telling you MSNBC made you into complete fools and suckers? #WalkAway

  17. Biggest idiots on the planet, MSNBC and their viewers….
    RUssIAn COLusIoN click bait ding dongs.

  18. He says stuff then backs out…. bows down to the NRA


  20. Hey guys, remember that Epstein guy?

  21. Who running the country, is it NRA or the President?

  22. Optimistic? All he has to do is sign an executive order yet he doesn't. All he has to do is condemn and counteract Russias continued interference in our government elections, yet he doesn't. When will people see he only cares about himself and his 1% friends?

  23. Supporting additional 2A infringement is the only way Trump can lose the 2020 Presidential election.

  24. Trump drinks red cap milk..
    Milk is RACIST👈😄🇺🇸

  25. go a head an take the guns , stabbings is on the rise , being run over by a car is fashionable or throwing water on cops , none the less its your world im just camping in it

  26. Get that dam wall built god dam it!! You promised!!!

  27. Am I the only one that caught this. 1:21 Joe Biden "People have an idea that if you're poor you can't do it. Poor kids are just as talented and capable as white kids" yeah us poor white people don't exist Biden.

  28. https://youtu.be/w8HdOHrc3OQ
    Please watch and realize we havent changed and us the people control the future. Dont let this speech ring true in 2040 like it did in 1940. For the sake of mankind.

  29. Epstein was ‘Clintoned’ while you were being distracted. And they get to race bait and push gun control while distracting you. So the show continues.

  30. Every time a citizen does crime they go after the citizens and the guns and there rights every time illegal alien does a crime they make sanctuary cities so they can hide and protected form the crimes

  31. Terrorist in politics nazism is still alive throw your television away

  32. Police are trash off the streets

  33. Those that are against freedom are the same people like this Donald Trump man that are attacking us

  34. Donald Trump does not speak for me

  35. The point isn't whether people presently sick should have guns. The significant question is whether A-N-Y body ought to have those guns. Background checks are N-O-T the issue, guys. And nobody wants to take the kids' B-B guns away.

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