Thursday , January 20 2022
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President Donald Trump speaks as he departs White House | USA TODAY

President Trump addresses media as he departs the White House.

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  1. How many Presidents have given so much impromptu press access?

  2. I see y’all talk about him like Obama is Andy fake as hell presidential my ass in camera he was then he would go smoke his cigs do his cocaine and cuss his ass off and y’all go nuts over a burger etc gtfo he is real yet Obama oh how dare any one cuss lol ok let’s go drink beer do coke and smoke not a word on cnn about that shit which is so funny Obama and his man wife were not perfect far from it in fact his own book talks about that and what he did but y’all go ahead vote a fake Indian or a man who is clearly in need of help and from his family joe isn’t doing well can’t even get Obama’s endorsement oh I told him I didn’t want it hahahahaha u liar

  3. Lastly Brian shelter where was ur joe Biden mentally ill segment lol here y’all go again just like Hillary y’all cheated and lied for her and wanted her to carry ol rapist bill back to the who with her as her business partner cause we all know he ain’t her hubby she’s gay as hell but y’all call trump a rapist the ones calling him that voted for Hillary which would carry bill straight to the White House u people are so pathetic y’all believe anything joe Biden can’t remember his own name yet his wife only cares about getting trump. I like trump but shot America don’t want good people are wanting a bad economy just to get him out I would go back to my good life I careless we have our money and home we own etc so y’all go ahead elect joe or Elizabeth crazy warren lol get what u deserve ur hypocrites and the media is hated and for good reason I do my own research they call him a liar yet omg the fake stories even nbc puts out wow I would say the most ridiculous shot to them daily like he just did just to watch them go nuts u watch him not speak for two days and they have zero to talk about hahahahah

  4. I understand they have to ask hard questions shoot Obama had some jailed an dozed if he didn’t like them. But half don’t ask questions they vent at him or argue “there” opinion which doesn’t matter to me I careless etc the media’s opinion is. Now yes he should get hard questions but u see this clown show and he knowswtf he’s doing why else would he go out there so often and give them close to an hour each time he don’t have to at all shit y’all stand out a du egg shit u fake news liars there all liberal and it’s unfair regardless who the president is and him saying he’s the chosen one was def so they would go nuts and they did hahahahah gtfo he was joking but in saying it he knew what they would do and they again did just like the fish story years ago lol they are so full of shit and cnn had a whole segment on his mental state yet joe Biden they give a pass to now I feel bad for him I think his family wants to be in the who and get trump so bad they careless about his health he is clearly losing it a few mistakes happens in fact a lot happens esp when ur doing a lot of talking but shit that man has no clue where he is who he is when he was president etc and yet no segment on fake cnn with there fake diagnosis of joe only trump lol you people can hate him ok but if u don’t see the hypocrisy u are full blown stupid I’m sorry

  5. Everything appears just too nice . Sentimentality finds pain unbbearable and so rejects it.

  6. I remember I while a go if mentioned you are 🇺🇸 people will be like wow!! 😳 😳 And now, try and do that shit, people a like🙄🙄 you said whaat!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Big Mike 2020!
    Obama once again to destroy America forever..!

  8. Worst president of America history
    Trumph is curse for American

  9. Trump is the only president that has said he didn't like mexicans. He said go back

  10. Why is trump so obsessed with Obama? His entire speech was about Obama

  11. Anti-Christian violence in India is religiously-motivated violence against Christians in India.Violence against Christians has been seen by the organization Human Rights Watch as a tactic used to meet political ends.The acts of violence include arson of churches, conversion of Christians by force and threats of physical violence, sexual assaults, murder of Christian priests and destruction of Christian schools, colleges, and cemeteries

  12. Today trump declared that he is the second coming of god….guys in white coats and holding nets….

  13. LMAO I LOVE MY PRESIDENT! TRUMP2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA

  15. Yep it was CIA Obama who separated kids in cages at the southern border in 2012-2014!

  16. While crooked Hil looted another $5 billion from US State Dept during her 2013 Ukraine war!

  17. Kudos Prez!

    Btw, CIA crooked Hil orchestrated 2013 Ukraine war and blamed Russia under pretext of Crimea as mass public distraction to her ukraine mass money laundry operations investigated by Interpol at that same time and in her anticipated 2016 coronation by Brit queen then?

  18. (On background checks). Something, hopefully that's meaningful. In other words, we won't be doing shit. Next question.

  19. Jesus Christ everyday it's the same thing with this man there's nothing different sometimes I think I'm Dreaming this guy's embarrassing himself

  20. If you are so scared that someone like Trump can run the government, THEN DON'T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS

  21. And Canada,better start building the north border, trudeau will say they all came from Canada and take them in,they can always attack from the northern border,they can walk right in

  22. Safe trip with you, Mr.President Trump Sir!!!🇺🇸😄❤👍

  23. A stimulant that prevents suicide? LOLOLOLOLOL!

  24. …we are blessed to have a real leader in the White House now…
    Cutter & Ms C

  25. This low class dude has no idea what he's talking about; that's why he lies. He has NPD.

  26. We are not Building large sections of New Wall. Trump also lied saying he is not separating families. We wouldn't have 6,000 kids locked up alone if that was true.

  27. Europeans interest rates are irrelevant. European economies are in trouble. Trump cant change birth right citizenship. Its in the constitution.

  28. The only victim that meet Trump was a baby that was brought from home. Victims loved Trump so much they refused to meet with him.

  29. ISIS is far from gone. We didn't beat them. You cant beat a ideology. They just blew up a wedding.

  30. Its interesting when the news reports Trump's exact words he calls them fake news.

  31. The numbers at the border were down before Trump. Numbers are rising under Trump. Now he says he has real interest rates after saying they were terrible.

  32. Now the media is in charge of the economy lol. Trumps obsession with China is ruining our economy. His obsession with Putin is ruining relations with allies.

  33. Haha which parallel world do he live in. I just have to know. I have a plan when I get really old I want to be weird and have such haircut. But I am talking age of 90 years old. Then it's OK to say weird things. Not before

  34. Okay, Ham is the black ancestor Noah's, Japeth is white, and Shem is Hebrew and Arab. Genesis 9:16, okay, Noah was like 600 years old. I promise you Lot and his daughters in Genesis was worse than Ham perverting his dad. All disgusting stuff. There is a rainbow. I am the archangel Makaias from Revelations 10.

  35. NNooo the people and the state of Denmark think YOU are absurd…just you…not Americans or the USA… YOU

  36. An oncoming recession and an asteroid? Will the mark of the beast fix it?

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