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President Donald Trump speaks on gun control, background checks | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump said Friday that congressional leaders are talking about new “meaningful background checks” for gun buyers – but with input from the National Rifle Association and other gun groups that oppose current legislative proposals.

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“Serious discussions are taking place between House and Senate leadership on meaningful Background Checks,” Trump said in a pair of tweets, adding that “guns should not be placed in the hands of mentally ill or deranged people.”

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen the NRA'S STRAW DOG…the NRA IS THE PRESIDENT

  2. Democrats dont do shit but they do take our legal guns so we cant defend ourselves from mass shootings. Obama was in office 2 terms he didnt do shit ICE raids were still happening under Obama Administration nobody got Citizenship and on top of that the Economy was shit During Obamas 2 terms up until the. Demcrats not getting my vote 2020

  3. Joe Biden would never know how to handle the Chinese,or any other country for that matter..If any Democrats get in as president in 2020 or anytime in the future this country is in big big trouble!!

  4. Blah blah blah blah CHINA! Blah blah China! Blah Blah! We are doing Great!

  5. He brings China to it's knees.

  6. A president with a big BOLLS . you Americans should stay behind him and be supportive.


  8. Ttump says "No guns in the hands of metally ill people" but you have allowed the NUclear Button to be in the hands of a lying Meglomaniac ………….

  9. Problems ! The biggest problem in the Sates at present is Ttump !

  10. Lying Donny, a Lying and Hateful man. Make America Great Again, for the rich white men. God help us.

  11. Racism at its peak ocastrated by a president

  12. From International Playboy in SE ASIA 🌏 Come & see for yourself how harmonious we are & enjoy our beautiful girls! Hahahaha Just don't disrespect the Beloved Wonderful King of Thailand 🇹🇭 you will be in prison or any leader here in any country here ! Duterte (83% approval) is doing a wonderful job in the Philippines (we enjoy Baguio) as are the leaders of all nations in our region! USA is not the world very different here as is the mindset of the people! Love all my young beautiful honey's hahahaha 18 & up ! Hahahaha

  13. From Pattaya Yacht Club A FASCIST SYSTEM results in a HARMONIOUS SOCIETY! Your system results in a divided society! You must purge your society of your wicked leftists as we do here! Here they must flee or they are put in prison or murdered! You must do the same ASAP! We hope Trump is successful!

  14. Funny how Trump is against socialism, but bails out the farmers, because of his stupid trade policies!

  15. Why is there always noise in the background when Mr trump does these outdoor speeches?

  16. What's with all this "hero worship" by the morons?

  17. Wow, it must be fun to be The President. Powerful. Love.

  18. Trump's a fruad he ain't self made

  19. Everybody speaking evil about President Trump, and at the same time, being a partaker by voting in Murder of Babies and Same-Sex Marriage . And everybody will be at: some people will be cast into a lake of fire and brimstone for all eternity– The Great White Throne Judgment Seat. Let us pray, and ask God to forgive us in Jesus Christ name for all of our sins, and ask him to fill us with his Holy Spirit.

  20. Can you just remind me you foul pile of Numpty. The "problem" you have been having with China and monetary manipulation for 'years' I am curious to know Has gun toting psychopathic hicky boy corn seeds only been show guns? Wow Did they show them soap and water as well, maybe to compliment the arrival of running water and bathing facilities. Oh by the way any news about those pitiful, unarmed and innocent people slaughtered in El Paso . Have you got anything to say on the issue or is it not important enough?

    Aby news yet of your impeachment hearing or are you having these 'background check' thingys underway to determine whether the Peat Farmers on the west coast are genuine Peat Farmers and have every right to dig blocks of shit out the ground. While they are doing their ' background checks' they can give you a check because you are without a doubt a f*****g fraud and the 'checks' will show it in a document and a public arena. Then it's back to McDonalds for you

  21. Friendship is more important for Trump ,because the NRA help politicians to get elected to office with the condition to keep laws against them out ..while many people loosing their life to automatic weapons made right here in America .Now all those that favor the NRA automatic killing weapons that are dump in our society …. think for a moment maybe you do not have a family member that has been gun down by automatic weapons so you have no hurt like those that have and are going through this pain and lost of a love one ………….Big boss and followers it is not right …….do something right to stop this problem

  22. Mr President Donald TRUMP is the reincarnation of Jesus, it may be hard to realize but it's true, he came to save us and many of us are already witnesses of his divine, pure and noble purpose. We believe in you Mr President TRUMP.

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