Sunday , August 1 2021
Home / News / President Donald Trump Suggests Death Penalty For Hate Crimes, Video Game Oversight | NBC News

President Donald Trump Suggests Death Penalty For Hate Crimes, Video Game Oversight | NBC News

President Trump suggested a four-point plan following the Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas mass shootings, including mental health reform and a stop to the glorification of violence in video games.
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President Donald Trump Suggests Death Penalty For Hate Crimes, Video Game Oversight | NBC News


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  1. I think he played the flash game game where Obama shoots Bin Laden.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, The First Dictator of the United States of America.

  3. Trump: Video games are violence
    America: Guns are legal

  4. Every words he has spoken, brain cells melt.

  5. I like trump but about this i disagree

  6. I misplaced my glass block in minecraft
    Welp time to blow up my city

  7. Me: plays pixel car racer, Minecraft PS4 edition, and subway surfers for 7 hours
    What media sees: terrorist
    What normal people see: a innocent child

  8. Public schools: Am I a joke to u

  9. I play violent video games and murdered many zombies 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️

  10. Why do Americans think they need guns?

  11. And yet they don't even figure out gun control is the problem
    Goddammit Americans
    Do you understand you can create licenses

  12. funny how shooters went to school

  13. I live in belgium a country with gun control and we have no mass murders like seriously crime hardly happens here and im questioning ever returning to the states because im hispanic and may very well be abducted and killed by trumps white minions ice more like the new coming of a nazi regemin

  14. Drink Everytimes Pres.Trump
    Pluck his lips and Breathes

  15. In the parkland shooting the 17 or 18 year old shooter had a military grade assault rifle so instead of blaming gun laws they say…


  16. Trump is making our behavior violent because he said "vIdEO GaMEs cAUsEs vIOlenCe"

  17. hey i figured out why everyone is fat and gey they played to much kirby now they just be sucking

  18. I don’t think the death penalty is a good idea they should live to sulfur

  19. Stfu you dumb clown. I'm ashamed of Trmp. What a p.o.s.

  20. I have an idea of how people can continue their violent video games with out having issues creating monsters online.

  21. We need to start planning a revolt if video games get banned or even touched

  22. dont you dare ban video games

  23. You know why video games make people aggressive? Because of lootboxes.

  24. The entire world except the US has no guns. You're the only country with this many mass shootings.

    GuNs aRe NoT tHe PrObLeM.


  26. It's not the video games to blame it is how children are raised by parents and how they are influenced by their peers.

  27. Trump: Gruesome and grisly video games!

    Me: ~building a village for villagers in Minecraft~

  28. Video games? What about other forms of media? Movies, music? They also "glorify" violence Yet he only mentions video games. Other countries play video games yet they have less mass shootings. Video games aren't the problem

  29. He is saying the mentally ill the bullied will be punished

  30. Just got done playing cat simulator gonna shoot up a walmart

  31. Someone break this guy’s spine already

  32. Minecraft doesn't cause violence…

    …Until you get thrown into lava by a Ghast's fireball and lose your diamond gear…

    …Unless you use keepInventory.

  33. Death Penalty For Hate Crimes:   LITCHERALLY FAKE NEWS TITLE


  35. Man. Better stop playing Tetris now I guess….

  36. Yea people totally haven’t been killing each other and commuting terrible acts throughout all of history. It wasn’t until the 90s and video games started to circulate did people do bad things. It’s so stupid to think this is the problem it’s actually mind blowing

  37. Now would be a good time for the gamers rise up meme to come back

  38. I think all gamers agree with me when I say #ImpeachTrump

  39. after I play mario cart I just wanna drive and throw bananas at people’s cars

  40. Trump sucks look how many people hate this hopefully Congress doesn't agree with this

  41. Cause war definitely never existed before video games were a thing

  42. Just admit there is a gun problem within your country, pointing fingers at others does not solve anything…

  43. I’m helping impeach him and I’m rebublican he took it to far

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