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President Donald Trump Unleashes On House Democrats On Twitter | NBC Nightly News

President Trump blasted Democrats on Twitter for “wasting everyone’s time and energy on BULLS***” as House committees turned up the pressure on the White House.
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President Donald Trump Unleashes On House Democrats On Twitter | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Drain the Swamp President Trump!!!

  2. Trump is correct 💯 percent. Trump 20🇺🇸❤️

  3. I always thought Satan was a man, until I saw Pelosi. She is so decrepit looking!

  4. The republicans are mad right about now😂🤣😊🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. meanwhile, the FED has been dumping between $30-75 billion each night to help banks stay afloat

  6. Nesecito alluda psíquica para decifrar un caso que me esta sucediendo con daños familiares y tengo pruebas de eso los daños y amenazas de muerte si alguien me puede alludar pido alluda

  7. SO TRUE! While we waste time and money North Korea Kim, Improves his Nuclear program. FOOLISH ! FOOLISH! DEMO-RATS! Eating away at America.

  8. couple of such stellar presidential terms should be enough to dismantle everything to scratch

  9. Yea impeach trump before he reveals all the corruption in America shut him off we dont need another Kennedy telling truth and unveiling all the lies…. Vote democrats 2020 if you want all your corruption un interrupted..

  10. NBC is an Enemy of the White Race!!!!
    NBC just hired Superwoman for one of their late night horror shows. This woman is Indian and HATES white people. She will not be able to tell a joke in her opening monolog without bashing white people. So my question to her and NBC?
    Was Gandhi a Xenophobe??
    What's that? The English were very bad? Well you just made a racist stamen. You judged people by the color of their skin! SO my next question is: If the English People were so bad, why did the Indian People follow the English People back to Britain after they pushed them out!

  11. No, Trump is a disgrace. No need to be a Democrat she see this clearly.

  12. Democrats need to move quickly. If this drags out it will end up like the Muller investigation. People will fatigue and quit listening.

  13. Fake charity, fake real estate school, $1.4 million dollar fine for hiring illegal aliens, and we just caught him with 39 more in his NJ golf clubs. Paid millions in fines for trying to keep minorities out of his apartment buildings, over 3000 lawsuits for not paying workers, he even cheats children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYqeqsfQMU0&t=4s

    Disrespects veterans, and war heroes, and has tried to kick disabled veterans trying to earn a living off of 5th Ave twice because this draft dodging weasel doesn't think the wealthy should have to look at those who fought for his cowardly butt. Caught in over 10,000 provable lies, cheated on all his wives, then paid hush money to silence them. Fake man of the year poster in his Mar a Largo golf club, and people who have played golf with him says he cheats at that too! Trump calling the Biden's corrupt is the old saying of the kettle calling the pot black. Tell us trumpanzees; just how many BS sandwiches are you people going to eat before you wake up to what a low life Trump is?

    Maybe you should watch the documentary about why the Scots signed the largest petition the British Government ever received saying they don't Trump to even come back to their country! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trump+scotland+golf+course+documentary

    Watch this one to, it's a really funny take on the real documentary, but oh so true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pbTmXsfiYk

  14. Just resign Mr. Trump. You're embarrassing yourself and our nation.

  15. Thank you Mr. President for your excellent job performance . I vote for you on 2016 and I will on 2020

  16. BREAKING whistleblower colluded with Schiff!!!!     WOW!!!

  17. Red Hair's will just be content sitting dipping, jawing off. Hare's can have it written for them,,or none, none!

  18. Since the French Soveteignity is in feathers in bird,,if food bite or get bitten? Well dont be Trodden and get to work! Stiffs!

  19. Shifty shiff could tell me the sun came up this morning and I would have to go see for myself. #Trump2020

  20. Jesus will destroy the wicked.

  21. Close Trump's Twitter account for profanity …

  22. They aint impeaching anyone!
    Polsi and crooked clinton should both be put in jail !


  24. Much ado about nothing, how about the HOUSE doing one day of work?

  25. No my mother isn't tomorrow cuvee

  26. I'm some of your favorite state leaders know exactly how it works most of your parents do you know me by now

  27. Yeah your preferred business Leaders is same as you you know this they're ET

  28. the direct knowledge of the American flag and Confederate flag in the original flag in the Jewish star new Chinese flag Soviet Union Russian flag Italian flag and the Brazilian flag Bob Bell you're all going to die the 20 – 2 equals what 76 + 74 Suns 47 at the 67 there's no not even me and everyone knows it that's a problem mr. Johnson

  29. Means to and fro not everybody else

  30. Like Bill Clinton capital letters Barron county camo on address address was 1119 how the American conspiracy the July has killed me send my adopted father was a liar I'ma sons shea butter

  31. Yeah but the American flags the Chinese flags the Russian flag how they're all me stars constellation and your digital nightmare team can explain every bit of it what you want someone else to pretend to be me cuz if you have you got some problems we're still in my money

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