Thursday , January 21 2021
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President-elect Joe Biden announces key members of his economic team

The nominees and appointees include the first female treasury secretary, Janet Yellen.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Trump won by a lot. Just say NO to election fraud. China is asshoe.

  2. UsuuperJoe Biden…. "The Pretender Euchre".

  3. Show show show.. all fake

  4. There is no president-elect currently. The election process is still on-going. News stations must stop associating this premature title to "Former VP/Senator" Biden.

    As the election process proceeds, it would support that the title of "President-Elect" and "President" titles will NOT be given to Mr. Bidden due to the voter frauds being exposed with solid evidencial proof.

  5. God, all the trumpets pissing their pants over a Biden Speech.

  6. God these are the dumbest group of people I've ever seen. Be ready for them to take all our money! The little bit we have left. Our country is now doomed and everyone who voted for him just destroyed america

  7. More division speaks out. Will it end! An X- vp addressing people and making plans for them in his own pious ways. Not my plans. That candidate really thinks he can dictate to the people what they need to do, some don't even follow the Most HiGH and his righteous ways to walk. Open your eyes, get real!. Any pious person can get up on the stage and address bla bla bla…..but if their not following the ways of the MOST HiGH and encourage others to do so, theres no need to listen to theses pious men. Some man made laws are in place and for our good, that doesnt go against GODs ways, and,then there are man made laws that are pety and nothing to do with his ways. Poius lawless men have added and taking away from Gods laws which are simple. The LORD is your giver and security he will lead the way and has, seek GOds righteousness, not pious men. If the servants you voted in to represent our nation isn't following the MOST HIGH ,dont follow them, stand firm and be set apart and keep walking in his ways. Run your race!

  8. Watch real news…..NTD NEWS…I dont promote neither candidate..just facts

  9. Biden is like (Obama 3th term)

  10. Why are you Trump supporting idiots keep hating Biden? What did he ever do to all of you? Except to all of you Biden supporters. You did awesome. And as for you Trump supporters, leave Biden alone! He did the best to make America an even better country! Unlike Trump!

  11. Treason! Biden and CCP communist chinese president xi jin ping.
    biden brought in ccp-covid to USA and he wants more covid-ccp to come inside USA.

  12. This is like child's play. There is no such office in government. I guess nobody wants to wake him up from his dream.

  13. "President Elect "? No such title in constitution. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  15. These people brazenly and blatantly stole the election. We can’t let these “domestic enemies” get away with it!

  16. This is awesome
    He’s doing great
    2020 vision

  17. The American people will never accept you as a Legitimate President. NO ONE believes that 80 Million people voted for a quasi senile guy who DID NOT campaign…Davos Appointed puppet.

  18. How awesome is this guy he didn't tell us how great he is or even lie.

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