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President-elect Joe Biden unveils economic team | USA TODAY

President-elect Joe Biden is set to unveil an all-star economic team Tuesday to tackle a darkening winter outlook as the USA struggles to dig out of the worst recession in a century.
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Analysts expect stiff resistance from a split Congress whose Republicans are reluctant to further swell the massive deficit.

At the forefront of Biden’s team is former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, his pick for Treasury secretary. Other appointees include Neera Tanden, a former aide to Hillary Clinton and chief executive of the left-leaning think tank Center for American Progress, to head the Office of Management and Budget. Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, has been tapped to lead the Council of Economic Advisers.

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  1. His first rate team to work on friend back Europe and Asia. Else economy outlook will continue to be bad.

  2. How is it in 1990s Biden had no hair, not decades later it's back.. Biden's hair is a fake as the votes he received in this STOLEN election. Biden is the most uninspiring candidate ever to grace the stage.

  3. How many people are really sick of seeing and hearing him?

  4. Camilla was also one for wanting to lock people up put them in jail for marijuana offences what I f**** hypocrite she smokes marijuana as well, but it was ok with her and Joe for the Peaceful protesters to Loot burndown down people's businesses to burn down affordable housing projects tot to murder to threaten innocent people on the street in restaurants and even in their own houses, that was ok

  5. I'm from Australia I remember from the very beginning mainstream media never stopped criticizing President Trump, almost on a daily basis, so I began my search as to why? I looked at all these different policies already achieved and I'm wondering what the hell's going on here? nearly everything positive thing he said he was going to do for America he did, he achieve things the Democrats couldn't achieve in 30 years such as Peace in the Middle East, he was the only President that didn't cause a conflict, he reformed the justice system and he no longer called the black American men predators like Joe Biden did, he helped out small black business owners something Obama never, more black people were able to go to college ever before, he told China to get f*** he was the first one to alert the sleeping west of the potential China posed as a threat to the Western world, he lowered payroll taxes so that more businesses would come back to America and they did to manufacture, he helped the farmers get a better deal under the Democrats farmers were going belly up left right and centre there's an endless list of all the good he did, that a majority of people will never hear about because they don't bother to look into things to find out for them selves. People just prattle off what they hear from the mainstream media you should never do that you need to know who's running your country or who's running your country into the ground. The election was basically run on style rather than substance, you may not like President Trump personally but what are his policies what did he stand for, what did you do for America? a true racist wouldn't have helped out black small business a true racist wouldn't have reformed the prison system a true racist wouldn't have changed anything for the betterment of Blacks. this election was run on gender politics, race politics, the Democrats were calling Donald Trump a racist you only have to look at the record of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Joe Biden is an absolute racist, Kamala Harris when District Attorney withheld evidence that would have set free people that were on death row, she refused to produce that evidence until a judge ordered her to

  6. Fake President, cheated criminal dementia President wannabe

  7. 9:00 he lost his place on the teleprompter and was completely lost he had to beat around the bush til they stopped it for him to catch up

  8. have you noticed that every f**** arsehole globalist always uses that phrase we're not just gonna build it back we're gonna build it back better. Cult behaviour

  9. have you noticed how Joe Biden stares straight ahead never moving his head at all from side to side is he not reading off a teleporter? And you guys have this idiot running your country or is it Kamala, the the Nazi disguised as a Socialist

  10. Is it just me or when ha talks i just think ya ya bullshit dude. Comon mannn

  11. A complete disaster – all while the electoral fraud investigation continues.

  12. America! America! We must move forward to standing together in unity, and not divisive. The country is in a health crisis brought on by the covid-19 virus. I believe, we must give the newly elected President Joe Biden, the support he needs to help all Americans through this crisis. President elect Joe Biden has the experience to effectively communicate with the Republicans in Congress to work together for the good of its citizens. I also believe, that the elected President Joe Biden will need to be mindful that the federal government has worked hard to make changes in society for all of its citizens. Now it's time for the The American people to exercise patience, work within the structure of supporting sound policies that are designed to help all Americans. Mr. Biden will need to show that he's aware that many Americans that voted for Mr. Trump, did so, because they feel that they are forgotten and that the social values they have for God, family, and country are forgotten. "

  13. Biden is a scammer…

    Do YOU agree that Joe wasn't joking when he said he didn't need people's votes to get elected? 🤔

  14. Now I know why Socialist Democrats, selected Crooked Joe? Because it takes a lot of courage to STEAL and Election, then go on public like you really WON it. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Oh by the way, the elections are NOT OVER YET! Biden's Economic Plan is:
    "The Triple B's",
    B-elow Average
    After he has finished given all the American jobs to China, and Stop Fracking, drilling for Natural Gas, and Oil. Imagine, he hasn't taken over yet, and the first thing he said was, "When I become President, I will Shutdown the Entire Country." Oh Yeah, that is going to get the Economy a serious kick- start! On a downward spiral. We are DOOM!!!

  15. Anyone who has a concern about Biden's age should propose a policy that limits age and while you're at it, include the president cannot pardon anyone convicted of a crime that was associated with the president, the president cannot knowingly withhold information about a pandemic and yet not work with scientists for a cure. Sorry disinfectant and bleach do not count…oh and the president should care enough about the people to ensure they have access to the covid care that he had access…clearly if the ship is sinking, trump motto "save yourself".. lastly proof is required anything else is smoke and mirrors….let's make sure America does not experience this again…focusing on a person's age ..we all should be so lucky…

  16. He looks like a dead man walking! 😱 Omg

  17. 2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  18. My name is Joe Biden and I want the nation in fear and jobless unless you're helping me destroy and burn your cities down 1 by 1 in my name but remember to violently riot/protest completely responsibly by wearing your mask while the nation is in lockdown
    Next week: We need to get back to work and school even though Trump has been telling us the same thing but when he was saying it it wasn't ok bc I was too busy feeding off your hate of him and fulfilling my propaganda to win presidency while the economy dwindles to make it easier to sell yall into Russian and Chinese slavery. I will now continue to babble a whole bunch of bs while I sprinkle in all the same facts that Trump has been saying and I have been denying but I'll wave my wand and act like I've been saying this all along and you will believe me and not question me bc I'm not Trump. Thank you for being dumb enough to vote for me but my adrenaline shot's wearing off and I need a nap (falls asleep at the podium)

  19. For a man who was supposed to have been elected by 80 million people
    …. only 2.5 thousand cared to listen to his announcement now !!!! That cast a very suspicious look at the supposed election numbers !!!

  20. I don't know why your doing anything. Stick to what you know. Nothing

  21. Paid bots in the comment trying so hard to discredit Biden. Accept Trump lost.

  22. U ppl be hating him hard. Have some shame someday you guys will get embarrassed. Just watch him if he can anything or not. You ppl are really annoying.

  23. USA has catalogued debt year after year, Biden is not restructuring but further increasing the bubble. It's near bursting – chapter 11 stores the debt will eventually be transferred by banks onto the public – first signs of you having trouble they will foreclose. 3 years away but it will happen they run short of money. All Biden is doing is literally working against his intended policies. Burdon it with 11 million more immigrants

  24. Basement Biden announces his new dwellers. The Devil is among us.

  25. Fraudulent-elect! You will go down as the biggest clown in history. You will never be president.

  26. Can anyone please show me when/ when the office of the president elect actually became a thing? Just asking for a friend.

  27. Hows that ankle bracelet….err boot feel Joe!

  28. The President-elect is doing a great job with putting his cabinet together. I just hope that Congress doesn't stand in his way of getting things ready and being ready to hit the ground running for him and his Vice President Kamala Harris. They are going to be a great team!

  29. ????????????????????????????????????????? This guy "beat" Trump????? Omg america lmfao Goodluck

  30. Biden 🤣


  32. Is it today? He walks very well 😅

  33. President Trump is our President !!! TRUMP 2020

  34. And er we the other say you me them someon…. What was i saying health care
    911 covid taxes free shit not free but we will milk that anyway along with all the other lies and become very wealthy whilst you look at us and clap from your shanty towns

  35. A lot of pissed off Trump supporters here.

  36. Its the Muppet show yaaaaay

  37. Stupid commercial no voice I don't hear anything very very low sound I don't understand what you don't know how to make commercial idiots I go in from this stupid stuff I don't want to hear you stop

  38. Chuckles the Clown announces the Circus is in town!

  39. A babbling senior moment. Seems like Biden has way too many senior moments. Maybe turn the White House into a senior care facility come January for aging politicians.

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