Thursday , February 25 2021
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President Joe Biden’s star-studded inaugural night

From Katy Perry to Lin-Manuel Miranda, stars and Americans around the country join President Joe BIden’s message of unity on inauguration night.

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  1. Those stars he is seeing is because sleepy joe is always on the verge of passing out.

  2. Warning ⚠️ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi you’re going to put a target 🎯 on both your back’s if you move forward with ridiculous impeachment again. Remember 74 million Americans love President Trump and will absolutely despise you. Doing another ridiculous impeachment will only divide the country more, not to mention there’s crazy people both Democrat and Republican who are capable of doing crazy violent things. Your hatred for the president Trump will bring out the worst in those crazy people if you move forward with impeachment. Just go do your jobs and get the stimulus money out to people ASAP that are hurting. Many people already think you’re both incompetent career politicians part of the Washington DC swamp. With senile incompetent Joe Biden running the country may God help us all.

  3. Hey ABC! Who had the bigger crowds during inauguration, ha? 😀

  4. You're celebrating a man who ended 10.000 jobs with a stroke of his pen how many more jobs will end with this puppet in office . I'm guessing a lot it is the Idiocracy.

  5. Welcome to America, the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, where your vote no longer counts…

  6. We just gonna ignore the red star

  7. YEAH will see.. Just remember do not be deceived for GOD is NOT mocked whatever ONE sows that he/she SHALL REAP… Enjoy what you have SOWED scumbags.. GGG LordOmercy🎁💪🙏

  8. Now the news-people are all smiles… Bunch of hypocrites!

  9. He takes your democracy, he will take your jobs through illegal immigration and then he will take your freedom. Thanks a lot!

  10. I normally don't give a crap about celebrities and whatnot, but considering how much Trump cares about popularity and how ticked he got when hearing about who would be at the inauguration, I absolutely love it.

  11. They sound like they want to blow Joe.

  12. I think I know why Joe Biden had more people at his inauguration than any other president we've ever had.

    They brought 26,000 troops to DC!!!! It all makes sense now that way it didn't have to look like he was there all by himself

  13. Hey! You American press and the others!
    Shut up and watch quietly! I won't be violence
    Quietly kneel and get ready to fall down!
    Stop fraud! I'm Korean!
    We're not fooled! remember it!
    The world is ours!
    Open your eyes wide and watch!♥

  14. After 4 years of criminals and rich bums anything is better than the Trumps.

  15. All of the performers are scumbags !

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