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President Trump addresses media on the South Lawn

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  1. It would be so cool if they would reduce the noise of that freaking machinery I had to stop watching

  2. Well then will prior gun owners have to re-registerto level the playing field and be vetted!!!! Up to NOW theyre the majority!!

  3. Do you hear all that tax money being burned up as Idiocracy takes over?

  4. President Trump is always hit with this foolishness of hey the white supremacists support you so hey mainstream media how about you list the candidates Farakan supported? Oh what's that I hear? Deafening silence as we couldn't possibly do that because that would be the demonic blasphemy of reporting the truth. What a novel idea huh?

  5. If Mexico is really trying to help in this storm the border anarchy then I hope with equity we can help them prosper.Texans do not hate Mexicans at all but if this flood is not stopped then neither one of us will have a country.

  6. TRUMPS still a prick and moron

  7. those People Work harder than you on TuesDay.

  8. I don't like the way He says CHINA.its a VastCountry and it's More than that .

  9. pizzadelivery1600PennsylvaniaAve.GOODLUCKw that
    ps How about that? WHO?

  10. I love this man. God bless from Australia!

  11. Denies global warming. Stands on the south lawn sweating thru his spray tan looking like he's been crying while reading mean tweets.

  12. When he said "Hollywood is Racist" the first movie that popped in my head was Jordan Peele's Get Out 🤣. Stating the obvious. Did Hollywood just become racist b/c ppl are making movies about white ppl? Cuz I didn't hear such rant when white ppl were making movies with black and yellow face make up.

  13. Maybe people should be 21 before they can legally buy a weapon

  14. For Trump all migrants are second class 🤔 latín black CUBANS chicanos 🤔 blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA 🤔 NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL 🤔🤔 Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN 🤔 SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. The President answers all the questions.. the media sound like fools. Yelling and screaming

  16. Q the plan to save the world remastered a real truth to why Trump was elected



  18. A more in-depth and thorough background check will disqualify all the leftists.

  19. Clearly the media doesn't care about the environment. Holding up the President of the United States while his helicopter is idling on the lawn. How gracious of the president to stop and chat with those who wish ill will towards him.

  20. "I am not ready to do anything…." Meaning : I am yearning for a deal as soon as possible. Always translate to the opposite and gets the meaning.

  21. Americans are not interested in what is happening to China or other countries.

  22. Fair is foul and foul is fair.

  23. Quick, change the locks, turn off the lights and close the drapes. Scatter a few newspapers on the lawn which you don’t mow. Trump’ll come back from his “well earned” (ha!) vacation at his roach-trap in Jersey and, dummy that he is, will think he moved and go away.

  24. Has numbnuts just got burgers on the brain….In and Out….in and out….in and out… And he has no Idea who the President of Ukraine is and what its all about with a deal with Putin. He's so dumb its impossible to not cry! He's also sweating like a DonaldJTrump..

  25. Our president raped a 13 year old girl and when she begged for him to stop he slapped her face saying "I'll do whatever I want." Fuck this sack of worthless shit.

  26. Your an asshole trump we now have radical domestic terrorism in THIS country thanks in part to piece a shit president… white supremacy is more popular today than ever before…. trump is modern day charles manson david koresh take your pick….

  27. It's amazing, President Trump has done more than any other Ex-president a side from George W. Bush, and has got so much done, but Globalist corporations control all forms of communication in this Country, the guy even farts wrong, ABC News is there to complain about it.

  28. And God made man,
    What are you?
    Hobbit trump?
    A thumper thump?
    Short, fat and so dumb
    You face puke up pond scum?
    Ain't no retard zombies speaking up?
    Hard to defend twisted insane mister misses eh donkey?
    What mac cain say to you?
    Where there is a whore
    There's a john

    Why you face so red?
    Did you wet your bed?
    Why johnny paw paw paw babies
    He a pedophile?
    Good thing mac cain dead
    Did you knock him off?
    How de land of confusion idiot trump
    You dumber then a bush bean chump.
    You poping of cracka?
    Need more wacky wacca?
    Eh chump, can you read?
    This little piggie went to mark ham
    Got his finger stuck in dyke
    Bow he a bark em
    Ghost drunks on bike
    Pukes ain't you con grease, little fucking gnat tin men eh?
    Worthless kock sucking faggots
    Creepy crawly fucking maggots
    Boo retards

  29. I heard Epstein had trump's DNA in his system…

  30. It's ALL about him…and putting down President Obama. I'm SO tired of this circus clown

  31. The only president that continues to talk to the people without a script!

  32. Good the helicopter blades did not blow his hair off.

  33. Why the fuck is he on the lawn when the helicopter is sounding off.

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