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President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force address coronavirus outbreak: 3/25/20 (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The Senate took up the $2 trillion stimulus deal, the mayor of New York said more than half his city could face coronavirus infection, and Britain revealed Wednesday that Prince Charles tested positive for the virus.
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called the bipartisan agreement “the largest rescue package in history.” The Senate will hold a vote to end debate and clear the way for final Senate passage, likely later Wednesday.

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  1. 18,810 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 25, 2020, 00:29 GMT. There are currently 421,413 confirmed cases in 197 countries and territories

  2. Term limits! Pork thoroughly injected all through the bill. Only way getting out of debt is a large war. WW3 is nearer quickly
    . Let these monopolies go bust! Banks owns the government. Martial Law for a virus that has killed 20 thousands worldwide. Government officials need hanging!

  3. The country is dying. China is buying our stocks.

  4. Trump is by far the worst President EVER …..

  5. So…………………………..is no one going to mention the fact that the presidential seal has been missing from the podium during these briefings lately???

  6. I want every tax dollar Trump stole from me in the past 4 years! And I want it now!

  7. This Virus is Killing Healthy People as well … not just older  people …   400 dead in the United States in 2 days …   931  total since Feb 28th …..   Over 21,00 worldwide ..hundreds of thousands worldwide on life support ..

  8. I would like my 10K in cash please

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