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President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force provide update, Saturday, April 18 | USA TODAY

The country is moving forward in fits and starts over the coronavirus pandemic, with Texas announcing an easing of restrictions on retail stores and reopening parks while protesters in some states take on governors who hold fast to stay-at-home orders. The stock market was up, and a drug shows promise for treatment of the virus.

We’re on-screen live tweeting during the coronavirus task force briefing to give you more context from USA TODAY’s reporting. Follow along: https://twitter.com/usatodayDC/status/1251269761947840512

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE GUIDE: Check out our new Coronavirus Resource Guide for information on what COVID-19 does to our bodies, how long it lives on certain surfaces, tips for staying healthy, and more. https://bit.ly/2y8a3Os

President Donald Trump said Friday the nation was close to the “light at the end of the tunnel”. New cases are “low and steady” on the West Coast as cases and hospitalizations decline in hotspots like New York City and New Orleans, Vice President Mike Pence said.

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  1. Lies lies lies. Everything trump says are lies. Lies. Lies.

  2. French Nobel of medicine reveal the #COVID19 had been build in laboratory in Wuhan!

  3. French Nobel of medicine reveal the #COVID19 had been build in laboratory in Wuhan!

  4. French Nobel of medicine reveal the #COVID19 had been build in laboratory in Wuhan!

  5. I dont care if you're for or against trump. What's important is that we stick together. Stop fighting eachother. We're MUCH stronger as ONE unit.

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  9. Please stop talking till you can put a cohesive sentence together. Quit feeding us B. S. You have done a piss poor job handling this. Using this as a political tool, instead of working the problem, point fingers it's easier. I can't believe a word he says.


  11. Please obtain the services of a professional cameraman rather than a high school intern. Clearly these lectures have been compromised by his intransigence in showing the data slides. Reflects badly on the WH infrastructure.

  12. The president loses his train of thought, can't focus on content, is delusional, and is a bully. He needs to be assessed by a psychiatrist. He is not representative of the majority of Americans.

  13. What a rambling speech of lies. Dr. Birx is what she does best. Showing graphs and weaving a story to say how well the country is doing. Imagine the country relying on such lunatics for their lives.

  14. Mortality rate already takes “per capita” into account. That’s why it’s the rate of death not a total count of deaths. Duh. This is your leader, USA.


  16. Omg ALWAYS BLAMING OTHERS! No one expected this so how can you point fingers? All he’s worried about is re-election and how ppl see him! Always bashing the news lol,but if they were singing his praises he’d love them!! Opening up to soon!, there are still new cases!,SO YES IT WILL GET WORSE,! Test ppl as they go back to work.

  17. Trump needs to go! This is rediculous having Howdy Doody acting like he is running the country. The states need to disbanded the federal government. Where is ALL that money taken from emergency fund money going? Our stimulus is a fake… Comes out of next year's tax refunds. No help for the states! The Governors are trying to do the right things! Get over yourself Trump and let them have what they need to do it! This is not "The Trump Show" , this is not about you! This is about the health & lives of the American people. The same people the Presidency is sworn in to protect. The states Governor's need FULL access to what they request. They seem to be the only part of the government not trying to fill there pockets and forget about the millions of people trying to get through this. Maybe The President should grab a copy of the Constitution of The United States and actually read it instead of thinking he is God. No human can fill those shoes. Thank you to all the Governors fighting to help the sick and healthily, and successful get everything back on track in the time needed to do so without falling backward because of jumping the gun too quick! We need more like you!

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  19. Mr President, please order Abbott labs to partner with the 2 biggest rapid test kit makers to produce 1 million kits per day. They plan to produce 5 million kit per month in may. That is bigly inadequate….too many Americans will die!

  20. Does this lunatic understand were at the start of this pandemic? SMFH.

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  22. Human beings have shown how garbage they are this past month. Hording, fighting, hate online. America deserves this virus plain and simple.

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  28. Jesus said in Mark 12:19, Our God is the only Lord. Please turn to God of Jesus and ask for help against Coronavirus. Trinity are not gods.

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  30. Brilliant to allow those globalistic representatives enough rope to hang themselves when they take away the rights of the people and then confront them so all of america can see.

  31. Can we also get Roseanne Barr somewhere in the mix here.
    Let's do that.

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