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President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force provide update, Thursday, April 16 | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump is set to issue new guidelines to states on Thursday aimed at easing social distancing restrictions and reopening parts of the country as the U.S. grapples with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re on-screen live tweeting during the coronavirus task force briefing to give you more context from USA TODAY’s reporting. Follow along: https://twitter.com/usatodayDC/status/1250909341382828038

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE GUIDE: Check out our new Coronavirus Resource Guide for information on what COVID-19 does to our bodies, how long it lives on certain surfaces, tips for staying healthy, and more. https://bit.ly/2y8a3Os

States will have to meet a certain set of “medical metrics” before they can feel safe reopening, according to the guidelines provided by senior administration officials. The officials did not provide details on metrics, but stressed that they are “recommendations” and provide governors and local leaders with flexibility.

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  1. Chia warned the US 30 times so don't try to make your self a hero u killed 32000 Americans so DAM U

  2. today we have lost 34k Americans to Whhan virus more than Korean war 33k. and this Chinese who lives in FL think its funny; https://youtu.be/TQtGvcsrHpM she should be expelled from the US and ship her back to her loving motherland. It's a new cold war. China has many of these Chinese Communist Party (CCP) citizens live in the US. They are all spies, their smiles are just a front to deceive you. And Joe B is Manchurian Candidate, wake up, Hunter Biden took millions from the CCP China.

  3. No New cases in the past 7 days? Well let's get this circus of a country back on track again now…

  4. Re-open…. way to early. Second wave incoming =/

  5. Trump ONLY cares about the economy so HE can be reelected even if older people die. GW Bush and Obama BOTH showed leaderhip, while Trump sounds like a bored 4th grader reading a book report out loud.

  6. If you want to keep living, do not follow Toddler Trump's guidelines for opening the country. What a joke, but it is NOT funny.

  7. Trump, why are you making me vote for sleepy Joe?

  8. 4/16/20: I must give #45 his props in sticking it out. How do we expect him to just take over when these professionals dont know the expected end. He looks exhausted and can you imaging to pressure that he is under. His Deep State enemies are awaiting his fall from..
    There us a remedy put there is a laboratory awaiting to be divulge. Take care of you #45 and you family.


  9. He sounds like he’s reading a eulogy. What a pity it’s not his own. WTF how many times can this man lie about how good everything is. America wants to be open “NO” trump wants it open for his re-election. Without it he’s screwed and he knows it. The world is suffering because of him. I can’t watch this bullshit anymore.

  10. Two things that spread coronavirus

    1 a dense population

    2 a dense population

    America has both

  11. Extermination is neccessary to take trump out asap. High crimes and misdemeanors…

  12. Now we Chinese people treat Trump like a clown, and we hope he can continue to be elected because we are worried that he will not continue to bring us joy, haha

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  14. What a lie. My nieces aunt just tested positive!! No new cases in 7 days BS ! Get it together instead of worrying abt politics

  15. he has made so many ventilators. so many that now he is giving them to other countries. Such a great and generous man.

  16. When teleprompter Trump shows up, it’s boring.

  17. my goodness. pence stands there nodding. they are all complicit.

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  19. Every Red and Red gerrymandered swing state will use Covid-19 to hamper new voter registration by the poor, the young, and people of color.  Register to vote. Contact everyone you know and make sure they are registered to vote.  If they are not registered to vote, make sure they start the process tomorrow. The only way for our society to survive us to elect leaders who will put duty, honor, and country ahead of personal benefit.  Wake up.  Vote Blue

  20. Campaign finance violations again committed by Trump, Trump asking his name be put on the checks that aren’t coming from him but from the US treasury. NOT FROM TRUMP. If anybody’s name should be put on those checks it should be Nancy Pelosi, She is the one fought to double the amount that the Republicans wanted to give, Moscow Mitch only wanted to US citizens to get $600

  21. If Trump was Captain of the RMS Titanic

    The iceberg is a LIE.

    We won't hit an iceberg.

    It's just a tiny iceberg. We’re very, very ready for this. It's going to be just fine.

    On our ship, we only have, basically, a tiny scrape. We have it very well under control.

    I have a gut feeling that the leak will disappear very soon. I feel good about it. That’s all it is, just a feeling, you know, smart guy. I feel good about it.

    We're going to get back to our trip and we're gonna be talking about dates, and I think it's gonna happen quickly.

    The iceberg was unexpected. Nobody could have predicted something like this.

    We're getting to that point where there's going to really be some very bad numbers, but altogether we have done a very good job.

    People are surprised that I understand icebergs. People ask, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.

    I am the best captain, just ask anyone.

    Ivanka and Jared will be in charge of our recovery council. We’re in good hands.

    "Why are there insufficient lifeboats?" I think that's a very nasty question and I'd say you are a terrible reporter.

    China should be responsible for the iceberg. #ChineseIceberg

    The ship could have dismantled into smithereens if it weren't for me, it just broke into two halves instead. So we’ve had very good luck.

    The iceberg is the Democrat's new hoax. FAKE NEWS!

    Why is the survival rate higher for passengers in first class? Perhaps that's the story of life.

    I am halting the funding of the Worldwide Hauling Organization while a review is conducted to assess its role in mismanaging icebergs.

    Easter’s a very special day for me. This ship is coming back to port on Easter.

    I am not responsible, the lifeboats were left onshore by that last captain of this ship.

    It is an iceberg. … I felt it was an iceberg long before it was called an iceberg.

    Inauthentic lifeboats labeled as KN95 coming from China. We're not using these!

    The stimulus check is coming out late because I need my signatures on each and every one of them

  22. This is bull! I don’t feel safe. I can’t even buy disinfectant spray, wipes, gloves, alcohol toilet paper, mask, etc where I live. Amazon doesn’t even have it to deliver it to us in NY. I’m not even eating my preferred food, I’m forced to eat the limited items that are on the shelves in the supermarkets . Can we fix these things before going back to work?….I’m going to end my rant here. I hope everyone remains safe.

  23. Will the stars have to prove with data, so if things escalate the government can be held accountable?

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