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President Trump and coronavirus task force provide update, Wednesday, April 15 | USA TODAY

The U.S. death toll spiked sharply, and sick workers were putting a strain on the nation’s meat supply, but the national payday prompted by the coronavirus pandemic arrived Wednesday for more than 80 million Americans.

We’re on-screen live tweeting during the coronavirus task force briefing to give you more context from USA TODAY’s reporting. Follow along: https://twitter.com/usatodayDC/status/1250541114555334657

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE GUIDE: Check out our new Coronavirus Resource Guide for information on what COVID-19 does to our bodies, how long it lives on certain surfaces, tips for staying healthy, and more. https://bit.ly/2y8a3Os

Payments of up to $1,200 per person were being transferred into bank accounts as the federal government injects vast sums of money into the economy left battered by stay-at-home orders.

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  1. USA Today tweets there is "little evidence" to support Trump's claims that the WHO was biased towards China.
    Jan 14. WHO reports to the world that there is little evidence of human-to-human transmission, which coincides with China's claim. Yeah, I guess that is "little" evidence to USA Today.
    Amazingly, with a 15 minute internet search, i can find massive evidence of WHO's bias, which USA Today claims they cannot find. Maybe USA Today doesn't have a computer?

  2. It cannot be soon enough to this communists mouth organ goes out of business. 😷💩

  3. Is this another of his ad gimmick???

  4. These figures are staggering and uplift the morale of the country

  5. Why no one infected in China's main city's like Bejing and Shanghai?

  6. Economic start again is just for mr president stocks. That’s only he can do even he is already die.

  7. hes right much countries cases are fake

  8. For all you Morons that think hiding in your homes forever will save the day! I hope you all go broke and starve when you run out of all your $ as your brains have already run dry!!!

  9. Okay. You are doing very great job “at least-er” . Before you reopening economic, please go to work in front liner one day or just loaded body to the truck . DO IT ONLY ONE DAY , then reopen economic.

  10. Don Exotic The ''VIRUS'' King went from yellow hair to grey overnight.

  11. This isn't a task force and it's not a news conference. It is a man with dementia conning a bunch of stupid republicans. With a bunch of overpaid ass kissers. I won't waste my time with it.

  12. who said China was very transparent and your CDC and W.H.O have been working hard very…, it was just like yesterday😜

  13. Listen to him, his guy is a crook, no doubt, & he is the president of America?! 😳😳 So shameful!

  14. 1:01 Trump: Do you believe a vast country like China, do you believe they are reporting
    Trump: Here's the "story" (lie)
    Trump has so many tells, he's like William Tell

  15. When will they stop the great orange rambler from wasting everyone’s time?

  16. If you guy's believe everything the government tells you then you are even dumber then they already think you are! SMH pretty sad how Gullible and docile Humans have become..

  17. Is this briefing about the Coronavirus?

  18. Yeah, open up the country even tho people are still getting sick and some are Dying😔

  19. Trump! We need Alexia tater tots.

  20. He couldn't help himself but mention our "greatest economy in the world". Well, I didn't have much money then and I have alot less now.

  21. "Not a time for partisanship" but from day one he said the democrats and the media are the enemy of the people. Even now, he can't get thru a sentence without passing the buck to Dems.

  22. I can see the invisible enemy so it’s not so invisible. According to trump the pandemic is over. Does he ever tell the truth about anything.

  23. Did Trump turn gray overnight? It was blonde yesterday.

  24. Therapy more animal abuse just saying

  25. They beat and kick, punch and terrible pain for these poor animals

  26. Food chain = animal torture and abuse

  27. That’s animal abuse actually it’s factory farming and I am an animal advocate and a vegan this I DON’T AGREE STRONGLY

  28. US you win the prize for highest number. Due to this you cant help anyone.

  29. King Jangyz khan(1208 almost) was the most cruel, barbarous and unkind to people who killed almost more than one crore innocent people and made walls of their heads, and now in this new world america and its allies and doing thousands times worse than that king to people. America has killed billions of innocent people and uncountable injustices to people in all over the world, lybia, Afghanistan, Syria, iraq, and in so many other places america has done worst job and the history will never forget what Americans did in the time when they had supperpower to innocents in the name of religion, creed, cast, color, country etc…
    I know the nature of Americans they kill innocent and then send ambulance because they are generous hhhhhh

  30. Mitigation works. So why does the Government look by and let South Dekota spread the virus?

  31. I don’t love everything he does but HE DOES EXPOSE I WANT TO CLONE HIM ACTUALLY!!

  32. PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED HAVE YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE HEARD ANY POWER SPEAK THIS WAY?? Corrupt money they live week to week it’s true. Look how fast medicine is being developed to many politicians cause problems!

  33. TRUMP>>>It's great, I'm great, it's incredible, I'm incredible, it's terrific, I'm terrific, it's beautiful, I'm beautiful, it's fantastic, I'm fantastic!

  34. He is a very smart man

  35. He is not the one who is leading the country. He cant even read what they write for him to read. Whatever he says and the country does has nothing in common. No country leader in the world stands and brief about corona except this jobless puppy.

  36. I make very little and have NEVER heard such an honest man actually and I wish everyone would overlook his small downfalls compared to most ALL OF THE PRESIDENT!!

  37. You have my vote the most brave and honest to wake up our people to the corrupt IVORY TOWERS THESE POLITICIANS LIVE IN… While we work for a small amount hourly. Please don’t be fooled people!!

  38. An extremely contagious flu has gotten the world upside down, the year is 2019 and we didn't know something like this was cooking? , this could have been prevented ,unless it was purposely delivered

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