Thursday , June 4 2020
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President Trump and Coronavirus Task Force update on pandemic: 3/30/2020 | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.

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A Navy ship with 1,000 hospital beds arrived in New York City’s harbor, and the nation’s premiere public health expert vigorously defended President Donald Trump’s decision to extend social distancing and self-isolation measures as a battle to contain the coronavirus gained steam Monday.

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  1. Ford and GE are making ventilators in less than 100 days is what Trump said around 14:0015:00 approx. Well, my guess is that since those ventilators are an urgency now, should it take any more than a month? 100 days is over 3 months.

  2. Any PPE that can be sanitized and recycled needs to be. We also need to design and manufacture every kind of PPE to have the ability to be sanitized and recycled. We do not need continuous medical waste products adding to our land fills.

  3. If usefull translate info… ?
    Geldscheine sind durchaus real ein Hauptausbreiter von Influenza damit Corona weshalb China neue druckte und desinfizierte aber so unnôtig besser in billigen Backofen über 70°C erhitzt 100°C geht wohl auch zu Hause und bei Banken gùnstig und leicht gemacht siehe dievTabelle Wikipedia Influenza Übertragung und sehr nützlich wen alle die kennen auch in Medien veröffentlichbar wichtig.
    Billige dünne Plastik Handschuhe auch wen als mal kaputt reicht privat und OP Maske bastelbar da hat Chef Ärztekammer reicht aber Aufforderung & Bastelanleitung fehlt noch.
    In China usw. tragen alle Masken teils OP Masken Typ N95 wie FFP2 und alle aufgefordert sie zu tragen wobei Virus so schlechter raus und rein geht statt nur 1.5m Abstand wen Luftstoß ihn rüber weht.
    Fieber ist wohl Abwehr von Viren die empfinlich sind gegen Hitze erst in Zelle mit RNA so wie die wobei wohl kalte Körperbereiche Eintrittsstellen sind also warm halten ? Wieviel Masken daheim machbar wen alle nähen gehen die da noch können mal Filter Vliesrolle dazu bestellt und mit Hausfrauen eine Massenproduktion zu Hause statt nur Trigema.
    Etwas Salatöl oder Fett in Vlies bleibt Virus wohl kleben Paraffinöl wohl aktuell illegales Geheimniss von Sundstrôm Maske mit Topwert 99,997% ?

    Wo nötig gut & günstig auf Dauer nur 10€/Monat alle 7 Tage nur Vorfiltertausch spart auch bei Ärzten… ?

    Wohl Profihersteller BRD

  4. What heck was this a pat on the back conference! Seriously these CEO realized that they could die so they jumped into action.

  5. Using time to let companies promote themselves and kiss your A$$ during this crisis, You should be ashamed of yourself Mr Trump! No ones gives a shit.

  6. So many are still believing the lies/propaganda of the major news outlets. So sad!

  7. At the same there is no Idea that you have may Allah show us the right path

  8. In today right now look

    The bars,shops ,churchs,work places streets And Every where were closed why???????

  9. The doorknob on the right is not level with the knob on the right.

  10. America is modern day Babylon, Sodom and Gomerah, Egypt, land of Harlots not surprise its worst here

  11. Thank you for encouraging us to read the word

  12. Where Are the Outhoities that you use to say we Have power

    10000 mostly unblievers Its atest to that there will be aday God will Encounter with us lets Be a true believer

  13. Acosta should self quarantine for a few years.

  14. Trump the May Cov 19 killed uuuuuuu

  15. President Trump: We will prevail. Greatest president of all time in history of the USA

  16. You are going to need to ration ventilators among where there are transmissions. I hope you will be able to prevent the navy ships from being contaminated with carriers of COVID-19.

  17. CCP Coronavirus – 21 Million Cellphones Disappeared in China

  18. CNN fake news! We need support not criticism. We need our country to unit, fight, win and save lives. Everyone including Mr. President are trying darn hard. Appreciate not criticism.

  19. Great job!!!! 🙏🇺🇸♥️

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