Tuesday , November 24 2020
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President Trump calls AOC 'wack job' in series of tweets | USA TODAY

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it’s better to be a “wack job” than a “criminal who betrays our country” in Twitter spat with President Trump.

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  1. It's disturbing and embarrassing to see my President instigating on Twitter, for the whole world to see. The people he attacks should just ignore his tantrums or they'll only give him what he's after; attention and a fight. His bullying behavior speaks volumes on his character and mental fitness, not the person on the receiving end.

  2. AOC is deeemon posssssesssed……..look at her wack job eyes

  3. Direspectful….he poops in his diaper and cries for his pacifier when ever challenged by real people! He cannot handle the truth!

  4. I would call her worse than that.

  5. She made bank off wackjobs, while serving blowjobs back in her bartending days.

  6. I wish AOC would give me a blow job

  7. Wonder if he will investigate his son in law..!!

  8. God can't wait for lying evil Trump to be ousted from government by impeachment or by vote.

  9. AOC: We gotta eat the babies!

  10. Is it time to look into aoc campaign funds, I think it is. then you can be the wack job you are and a betrayor of your office and the American people

  11. I still want to suck her blood out of that pretty neck of hers-! Alexandra Ocostia-Cortez!!☻⚰🦇

  12. But if we eat the babies it will separate them from their parents…

  13. why does he always involve other countries is ours competent? wow

  14. Well, she is…!
    Have you not seen all the crazy posts she puts out on social media. She behaves like a 12-year-old.

  15. AOC……. wow, what a waste of a good Congressional seat!

  16. Bi polar crazy ass mushroom head trump is!

  17. Joe Biden's not even worth the effot. Bernie's having a heart attack, but Biden's already going senile.

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