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President Trump gives statement on Syria

President Donald Trump declared a “big success” in Syria on Wednesday, even as Russia gained a foothold in that country and members of Congress expressed growing concerns about Trump’s policy.


Trump has come under withering criticism for withdrawing U.S. forces from northeastern Syria, paving the way for a deadly Turkish attack on U.S.-allied Kurdish forces.

A U.S.-brokered cease-fire that suspended deadly fighting between Turkish forces and the Kurds expired on Tuesday.

In a tweet, Trump said that ceasefire has held and “combat missions have ended.” He said he would be making a statement from the White House Wednesday morning.

But the situation in Syria remains in flux. On the ground, Russia has moved to fill a power vacuum created by the U.S. departure, the Kurds fear an ethnic cleansing by Turkish forces and ISIS fighters are vying for a comeback amid the chaos.

On Tuesday, Russia and Turkey agreed to take joint control of a vital strip of territory along the Syria-Turkey border, a victory for Moscow as the U.S. military continued its withdrawal from Syria.

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  1. Just a few dead women and children. But at least our troops are safe. Jeez.

  2. This statement was not really necessary as we already saw the press conference held yesterday with Erdogan and Putin where they announced their deal to jointly patrol a 32 km safety zone along the Syrian/Turkish border, moving the Kurds out of that area.

  3. I'll believe it when I hear it from the press that covers it with boots on the ground. I certainly don't trust the Turks. Obviously can't trust this administration. It's no surprise that none of our soldiers got hurt since they were forced to pull out so fast that they had to blow up their base and weapons that they left behind. I'd like to hear from the Kurds but doubt if that will happen.

  4. ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

  5. This punk assbitch is lying to the public again🍊🦉✍🏿🦖🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  6. "We've secured the oil." Ugh. Anyways, I hope this works out. I can't begin to imagine what life is like for the civilians there. When will our soldiers just deployed to Iraq and Saudi Arabia return home?

  7. Tgcom juice anode comfortable XXIII y dull that I have NCIS web i zugo or entrance

  8. Trump: we couldn't have made this ceasefire deal without the short term outburst I caused.

    …is he bragging about striking a ceasefire in a conflict he caused??
    What a jerkoff…

  9. As those who fought next to us to help us defeat ISIS are running for their lives from their homeland as it is being invaded. There's "nothing" he can do to undo the damage he's done.

  10. We could create peace but there are horrible people out there.

  11. Peace in Syria within two weeks after 10 Years of war.
    Gets now Trump a nobel peace prize like Obama for nothing, after 2 weeks in office?

  12. Forever Mr. Donald Trump
    The Best President USA….
    Good Luck… 2020 year…..
    Very-very good Video…

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