Monday , January 25 2021
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President Trump holds White House news conference – September 10 | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump holds a news conference at the White House
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  2. I live in Hong Kong and we see the US dollar in trouble due to the fact that China and the EU have set up separate economic zones independent from the US dollar. The US-China trade war has always been a currency war causing the US dollar to lose its reserve status to a basket of currencies. Which planet is Donald Trump living on? Does Donald Trump know the US federal debt is over $25.5 trillion and the current actual federal budget deficit is $3.4 trillion?

  3. He wanted to see if Bob Woodward could write "good" !

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  5. Greatest president! Vote trump!

  6. What universe is he talking about?

  7. no wonder he only answer 2 or 3 questions he rambles alot thats what happens when you cant keep up with the lies u have already told that day

  8. If they vote for biden, they elect china

  9. That was your fault too for neglecting it for 3 years why did you rebuild it you were the President not Obama its your job not his thats why there was ventilators or masks or anything in the national stockpile because u disbanded it u have destroyed everything that anyone else in power has done for this country

  10. Its your fault we our where we our you lied and down played it and now over 190,000 people our dead and all u can do is place blame on someone else besides yourself. Rounding the final turn you have been saying that since feb when it was going to miraculously disappear another lie all u know how to do is lie u have been doing it your whole miserable life and now that your caught in lies u dont know what to say except make up more excuses.

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  12. The government don't care about us, that's why i always advice people to invest in forex and crypto

  13. Wake up America you need to watch Jimmy Dore

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  15. I was doing a word puzzle today

    The words come after I figured out all the words 

    The leftover letters were 

    A message from JFK


    9/11/2001 PERIL…9/11/2020

  16. A "loser" and a "sucker" for agreeing to be interviewed by Bob Woodward. It's all on tape!!! :-))

  17. What an ass. Can't imagine being stupid enough to vote for this fool.

  18. I like people who don’t hold conferences to campaign because they’re losing, ok?

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  20. Ah! NOW I get it. So THIS is that "Fake News" I keep hearing about….
    Or was this a public Health Service Announcement on mental Illness?

  21. These should not be aired…except the questions at the end. These are not news conferences by our President; these are campaign speeches. This should be totally illegal.

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  23. Anyone do the .2% math? That's 4000, right?

  24. Why is he talking so much about Biden?

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