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President Trump insists America’s mass shootings are a result of mental illness

While saying that background checks won’t solve the problem of mass shootings, the president has promised to put forth a big gun control package before Congress.


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  1. Many die and no ones listoning. So fast and easy to blame it on mental health. How many die or are perminently disfigured from our own drs. 250k+ thats how many…and are these drs considered mental? Fuck no theyre protected for murder….Im a statistic thanks to our failing and miserably pathetic medical system in pain 24/7 for over a fucking year.. You tell any fucking dr what it is and he thinks your crazy and mental. Or wont act on your needs. While you suffer and get worse. These people who do this for the most part have had severe injustice done. To them in one form or another. And the innocent pay the price. For others doings. As long as we stay shitty its gonna be shitty. Wake up America your killing your own people wholesale with no mention while pointing fingers.

  2. A lot of people here are 'hating' on our president! This is not all his fault. Yes, he has his downfalls, but some of y'alls audacity is out of hand! He is our president and you should respect him, point blank period.

    Edit: some of y'all are trying to say facts, but I bet you don't even know the three branches, or even the difference between socialism and capitalism!

  3. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and spoken word performer, and this makes me so sad. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel. I'm not saying that there isn't a link between certain #mentalhealth issues and violence. What I'm saying is that, when we put the focus on #mentalillness we're helping to make the average person believe that mental illness equals criminal. So we need to stop blaming the mental illness and start blaming the individuals. ❤✌🏽

  4. I Think They'll Be Asking The NRA Before Implimenting Any Effective Gun Control Action. Something else that Bothers Me "Americans Screamed and Hollowered For "I We Want Our Guns, WELL YOU"VE GOT YOUR GUNS!"

  5. Actually it appears there're more of these mass shootings happening nowadays, always one triggering the next ones like in some vicious cycles…!
    Repeated, weekly mass shootings have become the norm and we've also seen some strokes of daily shootings.

    I truly can't remember, that it's been that bad under Obama though…
    & As an Europea I couldn't care less, if one's a liberal, the other republican, they also could be both coming from the moon, or the same political party.

    I'm mostly interested in and comparing their temper, characteristics of their official statements, their actions, their effects onto the public and not their political parties.
    Idk if this drastic increase is necessarily connected to Trump, generally he gives the vibes of a savage, quick-tempered person though.

    This increase could also be connected to the rising influence of the internet on humans with lots of weapons at hands as well as a mix of both of them.
    Comparing the mass shootings numbers – between the two presidents in the same time frame/first legislature, same timespan – won't hurt at all, imo.

  6. He's the best POTUS, welcome to Asshole politics oh great AMERICA

  7. Man, why is it that EVERY time white folks kill up a bunch of people, it's because of "MENTAL ILLNESS", but when minorities kill it's "TERRORISM"??? Man, Trump and all of u who agree with him are Full Of SHIT.

  8. "When will someone free his wretched head from his shoulders" LORD OF THE RINGS

  9. This man is a goddamn idiot.

  10. Why is the media ignoring the 8 elementary school children who were recently murdered in their school in china?

  11. Did you hear about the School Teacher who mistook the NRA conference, for his Union Conference? After arriving late, he sat through most of the [NRA] event, undiscerning of ANY difference, but when waking from a nod off, and he did notice mostly men, unfashionable, and of course over weight with tattoos & ball caps. While that’s obviously NOT the female dominated ‘teaching profession’ it wasn’t enough sway though, and the Teacher went back to sleep – he was just too tired from work. No harm done.

  12. trump bows down to the NRA! How much money did you get Don? The whole republican party bows down to the NRA

  13. Well if this is caused by mental illness, why did you reverse the bill that Obama had in place that banned people with mental illnesses from purchasing a gun? Huh???? Why??

  14. Dont worry about all this, youll barely remember odessa next week when the next shooting occurs somewhere else….and the week after that….and the week after that….and after that…

  15. Its is a mental illness, if they didnt have a gun they would use something else..THATSWHY THEY ARE CALLED NUTS…they need to be put away.😀👍🇺🇸

  16. F the fat cell… Thanks Walmart


  18. I insist Trump is the result of mental illness.

  19. The mental illness called, "Politicians accepting NRA bribes to turn a blind eye to the death of civilians"? Yea that is a big problem

  20. The comment section on any news/Trump video is cancer in its purest form lol.

  21. People wanna ban guns/mags & turn laws against law abiding citizens. Yet the politicians continue to be protected by similar type of firearms they try to ban. Except they have fully auto machine guns which aren’t legal anyway in most cases for the public to own. They always try to convince the public. That mass punishment is ok by saying that this will prevent mass shootings. However criminals don’t care about laws & they love gun free zones when they commit crimes. When are y’all going to wake up and oppose mass punishment laws on the public. If you disagree with the 2nd amendment. Why not move to a different country/state where firearms are banned or limited? If you refuse to move to a diff state/country. Is it because you know that a ban/laws prohibiting certain types of firearms. Do nothing to stop shootings?

  22. yeah, crazy people WITH MILITARY HARDWARE

  23. Want to see mental illness, Donny? Look in the mirror.

  24. Of course. Sane people don’t murder. But there are more reasons for the violence. The judicial system is broken and these crazies live among us. Torturing an animal or attempted murder isn’t enough to get crazies in jail. Murdering someone doesn’t warrant the death penalty anymore. Murderers can kick around the system and be eventually set free. Americans don’t have the stomach to make the hard choices. We even plea to lesser charges or present watered down charges because jurors are not objective. There’s more if you think about it.

  25. Who in their right mind believes that a mass murderer shooting innocent people is done by a healthy, responsible individual? President Donald Trump is absolutely right about this being a lack of mental health issue on the part of the shooters. What to do about this? That is very complicated for we cannot lock up everyone with a mental health issue and to establish which person with what kind of mental health issue cannot own a firearm is also complicated. Furthermore, what if a healthy individual gets a firearm legally after all background checks are done and after some time develops a mental illness? We cannot ban guns for that would leave hunters without the ability to hunt and so this remains a complicated issue with no easy solutions.

  26. Hmm.trump wears suits like men at their funeral and men at business environments…wtf is going on…Depopulate

  27. It's not cool.. N. It's nothing like James bond. 🙄😑🙂😒☺️

  28. The only mental illness is the denial of the fact that guns are the problem. If you truly believe you have a right to assault weapons of any kind you belong in an insane asylum.

  29. then he be on the top mental ill lists for letting people HAVE guns in the first place!

  30. Well if anyone knows mental illness, it's that shitbag.

  31. You dumb ass until shit happened to his family ain't shit gonna change

  32. Mental health is a condition in which Trump has a lot of experience, if not expertise. IMPEACH NOW!

  33. Little known fact: only the United States has mentally ill people.

  34. He is RIGHT! People today think it is all about them and have no respect for anyone else.

  35. He looks absolutely ridiculous trying to look serious in that hat.

  36. Fake news fuckers!
    Trump 2020!

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