Thursday , January 27 2022
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President Trump met by protestors in Dayton, El Paso | USA TODAY

‘Do something!’: Trump met by protestors in Dayton, El Paso following mass shootings
RELATED: Trump says ‘hate has no place’

Protestors turned up in both Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas as President Donald Trump visited following two mass shootings that left 31 dead.

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  1. They can't go around the system to allow illegal immigrants to help reduce hate crimes. Illegal immigrants are not allowed to enter USA period that's the laws. gun violence and mental illness are the issues…

  2. Please, be safe out there, Mr.President Trump!!!🇺🇸😨😱

  3. Whether immigrants come here or not, no one should be shot by domestic terrorists and they don't just shoot undocumented immigrants. No matter how you look at it, they are dangerous homegrown terrorists and Rump's hateful rhetoric is not helping.

  4. Most of th e kids in daytons, poorest areas, dont know where their next meal is coming from,,parents sold the food stamps,,you try to help where you can,,nan whaley has never been in these areas, so how does she think she can help,,the kids hear the shots of guns from drug dealers,, nightly,,so most all people know that trying to regulate guns is pointless, they buy them on the black market,,no drug dealergoes to a gun shop, the ones who dont want to be caught,,think about it, these shooters were stupid, they wanted to be caught, ask the people in chicago, the huge amount of people weekly shootings and death, they have the stricktest gun laws in the u,s,

  5. So, what would have been the response if he didn't go? "racist", if he goes? "racist", drinks diet coke? "racist".

  6. Also when dewine just gave a presser, the truth was not told,,most of these kids problems are from parents on dop, parents sell the food stamps, they only get one meal a day,,constantly the parents put some of these kids out for prostitution, selling drugs as young as 9 years old, they see what is going on daily,,they know no one is coming to help,,you snitch and its all bad for them,,their is no playgrounds, that are safe, so kids just r7n the streets,,the police dont like to come in these areas,,mayor has cut down on how many officers are on duty at one time,, they need people to come into these areas and really see what is going on, _ithese kids,,this is the pattern, no one wants to check out and see what is happ=ning,, talk is cheap, with our own kids, it was a hands on approach,,we used to have football teams , who played in the area, but they took that away also,,nothing for the kids, parents who dont care,

  7. Nan whaley called on people to protest our president,, this is nan whaley, and sherod browns fault,,they are two faced,,never would i vote dem again,,hope you are up for reelection, we are looking for replacements,,,nan whaley let illegals stay in our failing schools, wouldnt allow police or ice to come near it, how they allow reverse racism in our schools,,when i called about the illegals in our schools, they asked me if i was racist, no, i am not, we do have laws, if she breaks the laws, she needs to be held responsible, the office said no we arent a santuary city, but a city of love,,bull crap

  8. Love you Dayton… Sorry all this crap has been happening 😔

  9. I can't believe the Dayton Ohio shooter supported Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I thought that was quite interesting. Maybe we should make them apologize for the shooting.

  10. Do you know how many angry RACISTS are in that crowd of protesters? A lot

  11. Best president of USA trump is nice person

  12. Just wondering what could he really do about it what can anyone?

  13. Guns dont kill people people kill people.

  14. I respect the president of the United States,USA

  15. Democrat leadership have absolutely no decency or respect. Its astonishing that they are so dumb,as to think they can blame Trump's personality for mass murder. Everytime they do dumb stunts like this,they are turning people toward Trump and not away from him.

  16. True the idiot who said the Latin people worry about that they will be next if they came here legally they have nothing to worry about it’s the ones who come here illegally who have to worry. These protesters have been brainwashed by the left-leaning Democrats and I hope they come to their senses one of these days.

  17. These people are making something that had potential to be nice terrible. They are using this tragedy to protest and try to get what they want.

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