Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / President Trump Once Again Talks About Background Checks After A Mass Shooting | Meet The Press

President Trump Once Again Talks About Background Checks After A Mass Shooting | Meet The Press

Senate Majority Leader McConnell suggests that the Senate may need to put forward a solution to address mass shootings. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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President Trump Once Again Talks About Background Checks After A Mass Shooting | Meet The Press


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  1. yall better go stock up on guns and ammo quick

  2. Red flag "laws" violate the 5th and 14th Amendments. Background checks however have been Law for 2 decades.

  3. no one cares about background checks or even waiting periods… what people don't want is the list that tells the government exactly where all the weapons are lol.

  4. "my dad didn't do nothing hes not a criminal"
    Yes he is a criminal he is illegally in our country. keyword ILLEGALLY making him indeed a criminal

  5. It's sad how now every time I hear a loud sound in a public place, I'm always looking around to check for gun men.

  6. Todd and his leftist hack operation (Chinese NBC)don't even try and hide
    the bias anymore . If trump has done only 1
    thing…………………its exposing the leftist media networks for
    what they have been doing. Watch Todd go after homeland security and
    then in the same show give kamala harris a 30 min advertisement with
    nothing but softballs. Pathetic. To bad only educated people can see
    through it.. If you are a democrat you are dumb. No doubt about it.

  7. I believe that Obama is part of a gang, I call it "Obama's gang", I believe that some of his gang people are in Washington D.C., and that some of them are 6in9 gang criminals, a lot of them are Hispanics and Latinos and devilworshippers they murder people, bribery, they steal a lot, I believe that Obama's gang is stealing from the federal government tax accounts in Washington D.C. where billions or trillions of dollars go there every year, one Hispanic woman that's part of his gang is the CEO of General Motors her name is last name is Barra, I believe that Obama's game stole 50 billion dollars in 2008 or 2009 and bought out General Motors and that is now a gang owned company and at least one manufacturing plant is in Mexico, I believe that he is the last president to be in the White House, I don't know if his second term in office was legal or not something wrong with 2010 no doubt, and something is wrong with 2014 for sure, I believe that the real United States Army made Donald Trump get out of the White House that he was never the president that he was in there fraudulently acting like the president, I believe that the United States Army needs to arrest some gang criminals, and I believe that Obama is one of those gang criminals that the real United States Army needs to arrest, the United States Army also needs to seize those federal government accounts that those gang criminals are stealing from, I believe that the real United States Army will arrest Obama, the real United States Army needs to make some public announcements there needs to be real true news, why hasn't the United States Army told people that they had to remove Donald Trump from the White House and that there is no FBI here or federal courts in operation that they have been shut down since about 2014 and announce the people that they're going to arrest and the government accounts that they're going to seize.
    Who's at the white house right now, does anyone know that, I live in the state of Indiana so I don't have no way to see or drive down that block where the White House is at, to see who or what is there, does anyone know if there's anyone there, if so who is it?

  8. Ofc, he needs to make sure only his rassist supporters got weapons.


  10. Background checks for violence okay, but not mental health checks. They will disarm America in 20 years if they go that route, first by checking our children through mental health checks at schools. They will label every child with something.

  11. How about convicting the owners of the sites, so its not about hispanics taking our jobs, its about hate of hispanics.

  12. Ya, he is a criminal. He illegally came into this country and had like 8 kids.. making minimum wage.

  13. Texas background check: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? NO Do you currently have felony charges pending against you? NO . ok, here's your gun

  14. Every single person behind the undermining of our 2nd Amendment will lose all power and influence over the people, and each time they use propaganda to take our rights away a million people will wake up to what is going on. ✝️👁

  15. The person imposing as president called Tump, is a grave Danger to humanity…
    Mark My Words ! ! !

  16. Our president is enforcing illegal immigration laws. Is that white supremacy? I don't think so. It's his job.

  17. Buy your semi-auto rifles, magazines, and ammo before it is too late. The ban is coming within the next 10 years, possibly much sooner. Your descendants will thank you for supplying them with the means to defend themselves and fight for freedom.

  18. President Trump will never appease the left, he shouldn't try.

  19. Red flag laws are not as threatening to the NRA/gun manufacturers, since any guns temporarily taken from an at-risk individual would already have been purchased–they've got their money. Universal background checks, however, would weed out potential buyers who are known to be violent, have criminal records, mentally unstable, etc. NRA's not going to let Trump go in that direction, even if he wants to.

  20. Trump is definitely a white supremacist.

  21. No one ever talks about what illegal immigrants cost us.
    These illegals that were rounded up aren't paying taxes, they are using our social services and infrastructure and taking jobs from Americans.
    They're living in the shadows and not contributing to our economy. 
    I have 9 illegals next door. They don't drive or buy new vehicles. They work under the table and bring around a crime element we've never seen in this neighborhood before.

  22. All talk & no action from Trump & Moscow Mitch. Their bread , buttered by the NRA.

  23. Why no coverage on the daily gun violence in Chicago? ? ?

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