Tuesday , November 24 2020
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President Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to Attorney General Edwin Meese (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Ronald Reagan Attorney General, Edwin Meese.

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  2. We really can keep a catalogue of all the things that are present in his record & he is able to supply from the document because really he did a great first class work for the nation he really place himself to the disposal of the country to do public work & to serve the American people therefore president Mr.trump founded determined & decided to present to him the precious high metal of honor for his excellent work & all special services to the nation.

  3. By virtue of his presence trump has auto-tarnished the medal before he even gives it. If trump and our boris had a love child it would be Stephen Miller…..just sayin'

  4. Is he really allowed to do whatever the f he wants? I don't know if I can watch this crap anymore

  5. Power to Trump making America great
    Trump 2020

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