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President Trump ramps up attacks on whistleblower l ABC News

The president called the impeachment inquiry a “coup” and demanded to interview the whistleblower as new documents on Ukraine are expected to be given to Congress.

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  1. Know what doesn't serve three country!!!???? The "federal" Reserve Bank!!! A private for profit Corporation owned by FOREIGNERS that illegally prints our currency and lends it at interest to our govt!!!!! Thereby usurping all power and authority of said govt!!!

  2. Thằng trump mất dạy, tao không bao giờ muốn gặp cái bản mặt dơ dái của mày. Mày chỉ giỏi làm trò hèn chứ đâu giết được tao.

  3. its pure insanity that this is being covered as news when it is blatently obvious that it is total bullshit ,,just like the last try,,you people are pathetic

  4. BUT BUT BUT… Her Emails 🤣😂🤣

  5. there talking about the whistelblower laws that they changed a day before the blower came out . something kind of fishy about that .something not write about all of this.

  6. “Whistleblower” = Dem operative masquerading as CIA.

  7. It seems like presidents are like big animals with opportunistic smaller creatures going for a ride. They are hard to get rid of, and use their host for personal gain and cover. Both political parties have them.

  8. So has Trump Drained that swamp yet😜?


  10. Hillary Clinton was the most prepared and the safest person to lead our country. Since national security, rules and regulations only apply to her.

  11. This is about the REAL TRUTH about what's going on in America.
    This is just some of what is about to be revealed.
    I think Mr Schiff is in a LOT OF TROUBLE.

  12. Democrats phony Whistleblower Hoax is falling apart already. Proof the whistleblower planned the politically motivated complainant with Adam Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Here is Schiff-For-Brains Lying on MSNBC just this morning:
    NOTICE THE LIES FROM ABC NEWS. A Lie by omission is till a lie, not telling the whole story. Adam Schiff and most likely a DNC Lawyer wrote the whistleblower complainant.

  13. ABC covers up Democrat corruption. Period.

  14. ABC, please start telling the TRUTH about what is going on in America.
    If this PRESIDENT is bought down by LIES then every PRESIDENT who comes after him is in DANGER just for being elected and being in the wrong pollitcal party.
    This is all about Clinton losing the 2016 election to TRUMP. The Democrats are furious that TRUMP had the audacity to beat her. In my book that is in the POOR LOSER DEPARTMENT.
    I am a long time FAN of the ABC and I will defend their RIGHT to operate but on this subject you are FAILING to relay the TRUTH to the public
    The journalist covering this must know that what Adam schiff read out in CONGRESS was an absolute DOWN RIGHT LIE.. He was reading out a pile of BULLDUST and LIES to the People of America.
    I call that TREASON and SO do a lot of other people who are waking up to the left's CRAZINESS.
    They say that Hillary will run in 2020 and if she WINS the WHOLE WORLD WILL be in DANGER.
    PLEASE start doing some digging on what when on with the Obama administration and what Hillary got up to when she was secretary of state. The clue there is URAINIAM and WEAPONS.Also do some digging on how the Bengazie tragedy went down and AMBASSADOR STEVENS was MURDERED along with some of his staff. People don't forget these things in a hurry. Especially when they lose loved ones.
    Also do some investigation into the Clinton connection with HAITI after a earthquake a couple of years ago. Hundreds of children went missing never to be seen again. Also millions of dollars donated to the Haiti appeal also went missing via the Clinton Foundation.
    Most of this is common knowledge but MAIN STREAM MEDIA try to keep it of the daily news information.
    Please start telling the TRUTH because this is a VERY Dangerous situation happening in the most POWERFULL COUNTRY ON THE PLANET. However this plays out it will affect the WHOLE WORLD.
    You may say this is a choice between two EVILS but I would choose Mr TRUMP ANY DAY at least he LOVES AMERICA and her people.

  15. why is trump doing all the work preventing corruption and the democrats preventing him

  16. I love when people get theirs and gangster trump can now get his.

  17. Hannity and Liz Wheeler dropping the hammer on Biden and sons corruption. ABC can't hide the truth.

  18. Not much to say about this network except it sucks …

  19. ABC News ramps up attacks on President Trump above their four year norm.

  20. There’s no professionals in the State Dept. right now; there’s just a reality star with a bloated ego.

    By the way, Donny, why would you need to know the name of someone who gave information you claim to be false?

  21. It's the lame stream news-creators. President Trump is the BEST President we've had in modern history. He will get his second term, and when that happens, watch out!

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