Friday , December 4 2020
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President Trump signs executive order on Medicare

President Trump makes remarks on Medicare and signs an Executive Order titled ‘Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors’ at The Villages, FL.

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  1. Its doctors malpractice, insurance frauds, insurers frauds, pharma companies price manipulations and its regulations & structure causes all the insane medical bills.

  2. I love you President Trump!

  3. Love you Mr. POTUS, but totally against MEDICARE. LBJ PROGRAM for all people. It was step one in UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE.

  4. Love you & Thank You Our Beloved, Brilliant & Awesome Patriot President Donald J Trump!

  5. I know how civil service works- more corruption. Communist News Network CNN are chronic liars. Why would you want to listen to lies? To make an intelligent informed decision based upon lies?

  6. President Trump has done more for the American people than any president in the past bar none!

  7. The leftist ideology is more toxic to the world than Trumps' apathy to climate change.

  8. What worries me is who will we elect after Trump is gone? I suspect he will show us.

  9. If Califonia is for Trump, then the whole of America is for Trump. MAGA!

  10. The losers on the left are angrily unhappy about Trumps' achievements. Trump has pummeled them to the pulp. They are crazy! Totally insane! They belong to psycho!

  11. Medicare= Second rate doctors intentionally prescribing first rate addictions.

  12. Yeah Ron Desantis is another great American. Looking out for our good!

  13. To be against President Trump is to be against yourself. WTF?

  14. Thank God for President Trump

  15. Total power corrupts, totally. We can see what has happened. I watch the Satanic way they lie and make things up and it disturbs me deeply. They have no Soul as they now think evil is good! God help these people find their way to hell.

  16. I can't imagine a stronger person to be our President in a time when we needed him desperately. There is no doubt God sent President Trump to save us from an almost totally corrupt condition of our government.


  18. Love u Trump! God Bless U Rock on into 4 more years

  19. Bonespurs hates veterans…


  21. President Trump is an honest man. He does what he says he will. And he says what he does… how refreshing!

  22. "dammit! There goes Florida"….says Biden

  23. before u open ur month look to the facts

  24. Thank you President Trump for the Alzheimer's research. . .I just lost my spouse of 42 years to the disease. May all caregivers be blessed with grace and the necessary strength to care for their loved ones.

  25. Trump is a Godsend and a blessing to our country.

  26. 1:21:21 the lady that took the pen…..she is….so modest and sweet…….now think about in contrast Pelosi ! and Biden's NERVE!

  27. show mePROOFthat TRUMP IS A LIER

  28. He finally did something positive for the seniors. Now he needs to lower the taxes for the lower middle income folks and reinstate the tax deductions for them. He will get many votes if he lowers the taxes on the people that need it.

  29. Greatest democratic leader ever. Gets it done. He is truly inclusive and is authentic and confident . Does not hide behind virtue signalling. Most of all he has fought every single power in the US ,including the Republican party and has survived the most abusive assault on any leader in the free world.

  30. No Matter what the Left does Pres. Trump still manages to function. He at least is doing something for Americans,unlike the Democrats who prefer aliens.

  31. Love Love Love a POTUS who genuinely cares for other Hueman Beings.

  32. A lot of the news channels do hate this country,Dems work for CNN and other News Channels there tearing this Country to pieces

  33. I read in the comments someone said Medicare was socialism , that's not true because you pay into Medicare your entire working life and then you pay a monthly premium

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