Saturday , July 31 2021
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President Trump speaks at an event in Baltimore (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Trump delivers remarks at the 2019 House Republican Conference Member Retreat Dinner ahead of the Democratic debates tonight.

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  1. Trump again demonstrates that he is just so full of hot air. Their is nothing new in this vacuous speech. Bold vision. Historic battles. All time records. As usual Trump delivers tremendous piles of horseshit disguised as care and concern for the middle class.
    He says he is working on a tax cut for the middle class. This is the same cut he promised and failed to deliver last November. The stock market is booming because Trump gave a 30% tax cut to the rich. The market is thriving because he gifted them with truckloads of cash! This is the reason he has made zero progress on infrastructure. There is no money for it. Compound this failure with the resultant skyrocketing national debt and you have a president who is a two time loser on issues he is completely ignoring – Infrastructure and the National Debt. Add Trumps broken promise to repeal and replace our healthcare system and you have a president who is a 3 time loser.
    And don't get me started on the environment. Trump just brazenly lies about wanting clean water and air and then he makes jokes about straws. His anti LED light bulb rant is a perfect example. There is a simple cost effectiveness formula for LED bulbs that cannot be denied but Trump just lies about it and makes a joke about his fake tan colour.
    On Trumps ill advised trade war with China Kruger recently stated that Trumps claim about China is false. Trump is lying about China. Straight out lying.

  2. Baltimore City has become an embarrassment to our Country.

    The greatest President the Country has seen in 30 years is in town! I have not seen ONE rat here in Baltimore since his arrival! (Other than the 30 whacko protestors I saw and their idiotic giant Trump Rat,lol)…An embarrassing display of separation, denial,weakness and dissilusionment….I refuse to take pride in this place just because I live here until it gets cleaned up and led right, and I will never jump on the anti everything bandwagon because others might…I call em as I see em..

  3. 24:30 Okay he is not saying the country was un inhabited 25 years ago. But I understand why people might think that. He started a sentence and never finished it then he starts talking about how of course it was clean before the country was inhabited. So either you have to read this as him not forgetting his sentence and he thinks the country has only been inhabited for 25 years, or that he just forgot his sentence, Either way what a dumbass. He is just a rambling old man.

  4. I love you President Trump. You are a winner yourself!


  6. More MD counties voted for Trump last year than any Republican President! I hope more next election!

  7. Trump 2020 and there is not one damn thing you can do about it.

  8. Yeah gross Orange Oompa Loompa ready to tell lies

  9. Disgraceful wicked orange man

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