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President Trump speaks with NASA officials ahead of historic spacewalk

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  2. Amazing! Very inclusive! Very historic, there were just like 200 spacewalks before this one.

  3. Two women working together. Why is this historic?! I don't think the fact that two women at the same time to do anything means shit. Women are capable, strong, and accomplished that has nothing to do with their gender. The sooner that is recognized, the closer we will be to true equality.

  4. "Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking." Quote from The Wizard of Oz, speaking directly about tRump and dead on right about him too.

  5. Why do we have to highlight a woman’s only walk are that insecure get the astronauts up there and get them to work. This gender bullshit

  6. Born on third says he hit a triple

  7. You should send president and vice president to space.

  8. Why are we making a big thing about a women doing a space walk.. I thought we were all equal

  9. Really embarrassing seeing Pence kissing ass behavior.

  10. Trump's Daily "Demonic Ego Session!" It's not about the mission or the women it's about his Sorry butt, lights, camera , action!!

  11. Flight Engineer Meir – Dangling in space, in a potentially life threatening environment, speaking clearly, respectfully and eloquently.

    Trump – Sitting on cozy seat behind a desk, eyes desperate not to leave the carefully prepared script in front of him, bumbling and rambling like a fool.

    Still, congrats to NASA, and Flight Engineers Koch and Meir.

  12. Broken brain. Twice now I've seen him try to say tough love and fail. Rough love the first time and here hard love. I'm pretty sure he is thinking about sex

  13. President wants to say a few words: ehh, its brillants, very special, great job, exciting, very special, did I say very special already? 😫🙈

  14. It's cool and all but I don't see the reason to be all ladies. Much like that scene in endgame

  15. 🤔…so women keep screaming that they want to be equal to men and don't want their gender to be a factor…but makes gender a factor….🤔
    WTF is going on here? They taking this hypocrisy to space now? We can't escape this shit.

  16. "You guys got any dirt on Biden?"

  17. Watching … And there it is poor, poor me.

  18. NASA CORUPTED!!! why not say? why nasa money better nofinng doing chainabe 1 space country @SARKASM!!!for stopped

  19. Take trump and all of his criminal henchmen to Mars and leave them there! Please…..

  20. Wtf like after he middle he started talking about turkey and what doe sthat supposed to do with the all women nada walk tf

  21. What a great president.. still have my vote sir..keep making people upset by doing wonderful things. And can't wait to vote for your daughter when she runs next

  22. His daughter looks board afff

  23. Globalist see me as a threat free-thinking got the world at my neck and my paranoid picture back on Max in the room full of full of pigs try not to bust a sweat Neil Tyson need to loosen up this test and they probably right now I'm in a hell of a check I'm over here on this side of town. Come over here trying to climb never pipe it down I wasn't coming from the day you coming for me now huh I can either keep my phone charged up all the s*** I'm talking I got to keep on home Bardot you should come sense why it's NASA the Department of Defense 33° feet and kids Freemasonry be careful what you read be careful what you listen discern the truth militant that's how I'm rockin got to think strategically some hate that I'm breathing for some no good reason relate to you I can't since you fake I hope you lie a Little Liars know how to swim to mess with me you mess with the deep end I'm In My Own Lane I know about the breadth of breadth of the Earth I know before 1958 1969 Harry anybody want to say it that there is an encyclopedia 1958 that even gives the height and width of this permit of this place being a flat broad plain I have NASA documents that shows that they were flying above a stationary non-rotating Flat Earth

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