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President Trump will win the battleground states: RNC chair

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romey McDaniel argues President Trump is “way ahead” in the battleground states. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Don't need a crystal ball to know Trump 2020

  2. Feel confidant Trump will win in 20/20…

  3. I have just cured all diseases your welcome

  4. Well, those news on 46% not voting for Trump, are looking at their wrong crystal ball. Just what Trump has done in less than three years proved the opposite.
    🇺🇸👍KAG 2020👍🇺🇸

  5. California citizens effectively voted in SOCIALISM
    This is the RADICAL LEFTIST state government PUNISHING areas in California that are historically CONSERVATIVE.

  6. What a stupid story – polls suck – who cares who the Nats will vote for!?

  7. Dumbass
    Ronald Regan And Arnold were Republican Governors of California

  8. Ronna, could you spend a few reelection donation bucks and get Barr's picture on a few milk cartons. I think he's missing…

  9. I would trust NBC with proper polling like I would trust Aileen Wuornos with a loaded gun.

  10. 17 battleground states? Interesting…😏

  11. Most of the candidates that Trump endorsed in the Kentucky and Virginia elections tonight lost. His endorsement is now like a cancer.

  12. Why I did not get a call from these pollsters?

  13. Bullcrap…. he will be impeached hopefully

  14. We love our President Trump!!! He will win by a landslide!

  15. Scratch off VA.
    2 swamp infested.

  16. arararrrrghhghghg NOW they say, Trump will Loose …. AHHHH HAHAHA ….Idiots – Fox has been compromised
    NEWSFLASH ….. Trump is gonna Win By a LAND SLIDE in 2020

  17. 2016 taught the world that polls are not trust worthy. Doesn't matter, I will be proud to vote for Trump again. Trump 2020!!!!

  18. Ask her if her Uncle is going to help the left steal the election with his voting machines????????????

  19. will trump win the battlegrounds against drug cartels?!?

  20. If voter fraud were stopped before the 2020 vote Trump would win all but maybe two or three states but as it sits right now Trump can't legally lose in 2020

  21. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul argues the whistleblower should be killed. By Trump thugs.

  22. They predicted Hillary would win by a landslide too! If they say 46% I interpret that as Trump wins 60/40, maybe even 65/35.

  23. Trump wins 48 states. Democrats can have California and New York shitholes 💩

  24. As a Republican and Trump supporter in Orlando, I have never been polled. and I am unaware of anyone I know who has.

  25. Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  26. trump can easily win california by mandating low tax and low regulations on legal weed growers and legal weed sellers. the growers hate the democrats for what they did to the legal market through high taxes and over-regulations and the buyers hate the high taxed legal weed prices.


  28. And you just wait a year from now when people go devote. They vote with their conscience and if they have a 401k or a job or children. They will vote for Trump you just watch. Don't say I'm voting Democrat. And when they get right there to pull that lever they'll vote Trump Yahoo

  29. NBC Polls are useless zzzzz I have yet to be polled I'm 69. M

  30. That’s not a poll, that’s a Christmas Wish List.

  31. They are polling the fakers and haters .

  32. Not 1 trump supporter that I know has ever done a poll or wants to do one. I believe that the ones making the calls and collecting the information are democrats and they over sample in democrats favor. Fake news media is now an industry. A great collapse is coming to the media and the liberals will suffer greatly for all the disinformation.

  33. It will be only a matter of days before it is proven schiff rewrote the "transcripts"
    schiff is more than "playing fast and loose" he is LYING and tampering with EVIDENCE, and baring FALSE witness against the sitting President in his continued effort to advance obama's Treasonous plot to unseat the the Duly Elected President of the United States of America ! That is TREASON !
    The whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, is CIA, worked with obama and his Gang of Traitors to create the "Russia collusion” HOAX against candidate Trump and his Team during the 2016 election, and has continued with his treasonous activities ever since. And is now working with schiff and his gaggle of Traitors to start this impeachment HOAX.
    The vote on impeachment was bipartisan, .. AGAINST IT with ALL the Republicans and two democrats voting against it. It is past time to charge the lying treasonous schiff and ALL those who have been lying and creating false claims attacking our President in their treasonous Sedition Plot to unseat the Duly Elected President, including members of the Deep State in the media and bureaucracy !

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